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Armada Takes Dreamhack Winter Win

Armada Takes Dreamhack Winter Win

Unsurprisingly, Armada and Hungrybox ended up finding themselves in a match up for the grand finale of Smash Melee Dreamhack Winter. However, only one player could come out on top. Both Hungrybox and Armada were projected to do well in the event, but nobody expected Armada to be on such a hot streak. Earlier on in the tournament, Armada ripped...

$50,000 Overwatch Tournament Coming to Dreamhack

Dreamhack Winter 2016 is going to be a big one for any Overwatch fans out there. A brand new tournament with a $50,000 prize pool has been locked in for the Dreamhack Winter event, and it’ll see 8 teams from around the world battle it out on a live stage. First place prize is $30,000, whilst second gets $10,000 and...
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