Puzzle Thriller by Daylight Studios Planned for PS4 and PC

The next game by creator of the FPS title Blacklight Retribution is called Daylight, and it has been described to be a procedurally generated thriller with each playthrough containing new levels, thrills and puzzles to complete. Details on the title are still pretty low key, but more information has come in this week about the game. Firstly, 1 minute's worth...

Activision releases statistics on Black Ops gaming

Looks like gamers have been awfully trigger-happy when it comes to Black Ops. Activision recently released statistics on Black Ops players and their ways of life, which basically sum up the fact that they like to shoot and they like to shoot a lot. Lets remember Black Ops only came out in November. Since then, according to Activision, all players...

IGN Weighs in on the Top 25 Most Wanted Games of 2010-Evil Controllers Concurs

IGN Shares their 25 Most Wanted Games of 2010. Every year IGN editors compile a list of the most anticipated games to be released on the upcoming year. With the year more than half way done, and E3 in the past, IGN releases the list. Agree with their picks? Follow this link. http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/110/1106175p1.html
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