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Dishonored 2 Will Get New Difficulty Modes

Dishonored 2 Will Get New Difficulty Modes

A new update is being planned for Dishonored 2 that will add new difficulty modes to the game. The new update will include a number of other features and will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on January 23. PC players will be able to download a beta update on Steam on January 18 to test it early. The level...

DICE Putting Heist Mode in Next Hardline Beta

DICE has announced that they will be releasing the Heist mode into the upcoming Battlefield Hardline beta, but there is a catch. Players will need to work together as a community to unlock the Heist mode. A new 'community mission' has been announced for Battlefield 4 players, and it asks players to accumulate a global total of 2 billion points...
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