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  • The Order 1886 Pushed Back to 2015

    The Order 1866Despite a bunch of new reveals and trailers for The Order 1886, Sony has officially made a statement to inform fans that the upcoming cover based third person shooter title will be pushed back to sometime in 2015.

    This is now the third title for the PlayStation 4 that has been delayed since the release of the console, along with Watch_Dogs and DRIVECLUB. Whilst it is disappointing to have to deal with all of these delays, it's usually all for good reason. Without these delays, the games would be released in an unfinished state, and it's good that developers are pushing for the very best before releasing their upcoming video games.

    Ready At Dawn's new IP was originally planned for release at some point in 2014, and upon release of the PlayStation 4, it was even considered to be a potential launch window title. However, The Order 1886 has not been quite up to par as far as the developers working on the project are concerned, and for this reason it has now been delayed till a so far unconfirmed date some point next year.

    Hopefully this extra delay will give Ready at Dawn enough time to make The Order 1886 to it's fullest potential. Despite the delay, we may hear more about it at this year's E3 if we're lucky. If any more news does come in about The Order 1886, we'll keep you updated as we find out. For now, we have the excitement of E3 to keep us PS4 owners going.

  • Big The Order 1886 Reveal Shows Gameplay

    theorder1866PS4 exclusive developer Ready At Dawn recently unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming new title, The Order 1886, and oh boy does it look good. The Order 1886 is a third person action shooter that has been set in a pretty unfamiliar timezone for this particular genre, and if the gameplay is anything to go by, the game is going to be pretty good.

    Compared to previous screens, the game looks a lot more polished now, and we can expect that The Order 1886 will truly live up to "next gen" standards as far as critics of graphical quality are concerned.

    The game features an above-the-shoulder camera view similar to that seen in the Gears of War series, and the overall experience feels very cinematic thanks to this chosen camera angle. The kind of shots you can get from this game make it feel like you're truly part of an intense action movie, although it's hard to say whether this kind of feeling will go beyond the gameplay picked for this particular gameplay reveal.

    I personally see similarities with Gears of War here, and although the premise is entirely different, I think The Order 1886 will be seen as a true competitor to the Xbox exclusive Gears of War series, which Microsoft already have revealed future Xbox One plans for.

    We'll see which game manages to take the cup, but I think both The Order 1886 and Gears of War will offer different gameplay experiences. If you could choose between The Order 1866 and a new Gears of War title, which would you take?

  • New Details Reveled for The Order: 1886

    UnknownFinally, we get a glimpse into one of the most anticipated exclusives for the PlayStation 4, The Order. Most of us were sold the moment we saw the steampunk-ish universe. DualShockers recently revealed this bit of info from a Japanese cinematic trailer which showcased these new bits of information.  Some of the key highlights are listed below but make sure to go to the site to get all the details.

    -- Suddenly, mutations appeared in the human genetic code. While the change wasn't immediately visible, some began to show traits similar to beasts. This turned them into a species different from humanity, and marked the birth of the half-breed (half man, half beast).

    -- Although mankind had the advantage in sheer numbers, it was inferior to the half breed because of their resilience and overwhelming regenerative powers.

    -- At last, after a few centuries passed, humanity is presented with a chance to retaliate. Brave men and women vowed to devote their life to the war against the half-breed and became knights. Those knights were named "The Order."

    -- If a knight is killed, a new successor to his name appears, and throws himself into battle on behalf of Humanity.

    -- In the London of 19th Century, the conflict between mankind and the half-breed continued, even in the terrible district of Whitechapel, one of the many districts that will be remembered by posterity. This area has become a major turning point in the battle over the years.

    --The development of science and the industrial revolution has become a mighty assets for the human race.

    -- In this time, when the threat of the half-breed begins to decline, a new threat attacks the knights: A full-scale insurrection in the British Empire. Suffering the poverty brought by the industrial revolution and the disparity between classes, angry citizens take arms and rebel.

    I am sold! I mean there are so many aspects being covered here, mythology, history, politics, an alternate universe running parallel to our own. One thing for sure, as of now it seems they are putting primary effort on the story which is exactly what draws in gamers. Can't to find out more and eventually see some actual gameplay!

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