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  • Watch Dogs 2 Now Available

    watch-dogs-2-releaseWatch Dogs 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in most regions across the world.

    The sequel to Ubisoft's open world third person hacker/shooter title has impressed critics across the globe, and a lot of players are finding it to be a huge improvement to the original game. Watch Dogs 2 is selling well, too, and in some regions, it falls short next to Infinite Warfare in terms of units sold.

    This time around, the character you'll be playing as is named Marcus Holloway - in the first Watch Dogs game players found themselves in the shoes of Aiden Pierce. Marcus has a number of different traits that make him stand out when compared to Pierce, namely his agility and physical flexibility.

    Marcus Holloway has a better grip with hand to hand combat and his parkour skills are on another level, which makes traversing practically any object in Watch Dogs 2 a lot of fun. Holloway's agility also helps him to remain quieter when needed and stealth is a part of gameplay that players can opt for over violence in some situations.

    Watch Dogs 2 includes all of the hacks from the original game and a large selection of new hacks. Players can also jump into their friend's session and help them complete missions alongside their friend. New vehicles, new weapons and equipment have been added, and a variety of new multiplayer game modes have been crafted by Ubisoft to help flesh Watch Dogs 2 out with more content outside of the story campaign.

  • Third Person Option Coming to Advanced Warfare After Release

    advanced warfare third personThis won't be the first time, but recent news reveals that the upcoming Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare, will have a selection of third person modes for the multiplayer portion of the game which will release some time after the game officially launches worldwide.

    Sledgehammer Games have put quite a lot of effort into renewing the multiplayer experience of the Call of Duty franchise in Advanced Warfare, and what we've learned so far is that Sledgehammer will offer a range of new mechanics to make the game feel fresh, but the experience will still be recognized by Call of Duty fans across the globe.

    On top of putting effort into new gameplay mechanics, Sledgehammer are thinking hard about the various multiplayer playlists available. It's already been revealed that the game will have a set of standard playlists, and a set of traditional non-exo suit playlists too. On top of this, it's now looking likely that Advanced Warfare will also get a third person playlist at some point after the game's release.

    This news is quite exciting; I've always been a fan of the third person modes for previous Call of Duty games, and it gives players a new take on the online gameplay. The only trouble is that as the game ages, it may be hard to find players within each sub-playlist. There is already the standard playlist and the traditional playlists, and if they add third person playlists there will be three separate areas that fragment the online player capacity.

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