The e-sports industry is worth nearly $ 1.8 billion with China as the leading country in the industry. The gaming industry is expanding at an exceptionally impressive rate. Things like the Unreal Engine 5 are introducing the latest mechanisms and features in the games and may take e-sports to the next level

Most Popular E-sports Games for 2022

Following are some of the most popular e-sports games for 2022.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS GO is the latest installation from the world-renowned gaming series counter strike. It is one of the most popular games after counterstrike 1.6 with over 13,029 professional players. These players are participating in tournaments around the world for prize money and fame.

CS GO is best known for its unique mechanisms, spraying patterns, and graphics. Around $102,373,165.54 in 5,245 tournaments have been played globally and there are plenty more to come.

The game has managed to stay on top of the FPS genre and continues to do so. We expect that CS GO will continue to be a popular FPS game in 2022 as well. It also offers interesting game modes like hostage rescue and defusing bombs.

League of Legends

Riot studio’s League of Legends is another popular installation for the year 2022. There are around 7,130 professional players, since its release back in 2009. The game has retained its popularity through all these years and professionals suggest that it will continue to do so in 2022. It has an age rating of US 12. The basic idea of the game revolves around co-op, ADC, Midland, Support, and Jungler.


The hype for the original Fortnite game has not reduced through all these years. The game idea revolves around leaving 100 players against each other on a large map.

It is essentially a survival-oriented game, as the last survivor wins. Fortnite also allows players to obtain resources and build various items to facilitate their gameplay. This allows tactical advantage and helps players stay on top of the competition.


With over 3,837 Professional players since its release in 2013, DOTA 2 is a popular FPS game. However, the game has more of a tactical approach and less of a game mechanics-based experience. It comparatively has lesser tournaments but has the highest prizes. MOBA ranks 4th with around 3,837 players and includes a two-team of 5 on 5,. There are over 110 players and five playable roles that make the game quite interesting.


Overwatch is the perfect link between FPS and MOBA gaming thanks to Blizzard Entertainment’s interesting design and gameplay. This means it works as a first-person shooter game but also allows players to choose from different players. There are also four different weapons based on characters, which makes the gaming experience more immersive.