• eSports May Join Paris 2024 Olympics

    FILE PHOTO - The logo of the Paris candidacy for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games is seen on the Montparnasse tower in PariseSports is growing at an incredible rate. It's a new industry that showcases the competitive potential of gamers across the world.

    While it hasn't traditionally been seen as a sport, many professional sports players and sports bodies are starting to respect eSports as a sport that takes dedication, practice, and sportsmanship, just like any physical sport.

    The next milestone for eSports is for the Olympics to accept it as a sport. The next Olympics event will happen in Paris in 2024. Paris has mentioned that they believe eSports does deserve a spot on the Olympic stage.

    Their argument is that the youth are very interested in eSports as a whole, and it should be considered a sport when taking the competitive environment of eSports into account.

    The difficulty with an eSports Olympic event is that in the current eSports space, competitive players and teams are very stretched between events as it is. Players and teams are often forced to pick between events and the deciding factor is usually down to prize money.

    It's unlikely that the Olympic eSports event will have prize money on the line, so getting the best of the best players to attend will be difficult. Another issue is that eSports spans across dozens of different games. Deciding a single game to be showcased at the Olympics would be incredibly difficult. Alternatively, supporting too many games may be seen as a bad choice, which would give less weight to the medals earned from traditional sports.

  • Results: Capcom Pro Tour Asia Regional Finals

    capcom-pro-tour-magoThe start of last weekend saw the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Regional Finals come to an end, and we now know who came out on top and who will be making it to the Capcom Cup Finals.

    The winner of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Regional Finals is Mago, a formidable Karin player that has put a lot of effort into his playstyle in recent months to get himself a placement.

    Mago didn't have an easy race to the finish, though. Earlier in the event, Mago took a heartbreaking defeat and found himself sitting in the loser's bracket. Fortunately, Mago had the courage, and maybe a little bit of luck, to fight his way through the loser's bracket and into the grand finals.

    During the event, Mago managed to get a victory in against Bonchan, Kazunoko, and Haitani before he came up against MOV, who, at this point, hadn't lost a single game during the event.

    The grand finals were one of the closest, most exhilarating matches I've watched in a long time. With Mago coming from the loser's bracket, he needed to win two best of three matches in a row, whilst MOV only needed one due to his spot in the winner's bracket.

    A Chun Li matchup for Mago's Karin wasn't exactly putting odds in Mago's favor. Fortunately for Mago though, his Karin playstyle managed to help him pull through two very tight 3-2 victories against MOV to get the grand final win.

    Because of Mago's previous performances, he already has an invitation to the Capcom Cup Finals. Instead, Tse4444 was lucky enough to bag an entry into the Cup Finals from his previous performances, including his top 13th-16th finish at the Asia Regional Finals.

  • Fallout 4 Achievements Revealed

    Fallout 4 Achievements

    Be warned, there could be some potential story spoilers in this article.

    Xbox Achievements has managed to get their hands on the entire achievements list for Fallout 4 ahead of it's launch on November 10. Whilst the list only applies to the Xbox One achievements, the PlayStation 4 Trophies are expected to be very similar.

    Below, the achievements have been listed. Interestingly, there are only level achievements up to level 50, despite there being no level cap.


    + War Never Changes - Enter The Wasteland
    + When Freedom Calls - Complete "When Freedom Calls"
    + Unlikely Valentine - Complete "Unlikely Valentine"
    + Reunions - Complete "Reunions"
    + Dangerous Minds - Complete "Dangerous Minds"
    + Hunter/Hunted - Complete "Hunter/Hunted"
    + The Molecular Level - Complete "The Molecular Level"
    + The Nuclear Option - Complete "The Nuclear Option"
    + Institutionalized - Complete "Institutionalized"
    + Mankind-Redefined - Complete "Mankind-Redefined"
    + Powering Up - Complete "Powering Up"
    + Nuclear Family - Complete "Nuclear Family"
    + The First Step - Join the Minutemen
    + Taking Independence - Complete "Taking Independence"
    + Old Guns - Complete "Old Guns"
    + Semper Invicta - Join the Brotherhood of Steel
    + Blind Betrayal - Complete "Blind Betrayal"
    + Ad Victoriam - Complete "Ad Victoriam"
    + Tradecraft - Join the Railroad
    + Underground Undercover - Complete "Underground Undercover"
    + Rockets' Red Glare - Complete "Rockets' Red Glare"
    + Sanctuary - Complete "Sanctuary"
    + Community Organizer - Ally with 3 Settlements
    + Benevolent Leader - Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement
    + Gun-F-Hire - Complete 10 Side Quests
    + Mercenary - Complete 50 Misc. Objectives
    + Scavver - Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting
    + What's Yours Is Mine - Pick 50 Locks
    + RobCo's Worst Nightmare - Hack 50 Terminals
    + Armed and Dangerous - Create 50 Weapon Mods
    + Wasteland D.I.Y. - Craft 100 Items
    + Never Go It Alone - Recruit 5 Separate Companions
    + Lovable - Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
    + Fix-Er-Upper - Build 100 Workshop Items
    + Future Retro - Play a Holotape Game
    + ...The Harder They Fall - Kill 5 Giant Creatures
    + Ranger Corps - Discover 100 Locations
    + Print's Not Dead - Read 20 Magazines
    + Prankster's Return - Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing
    + Masshole - Kill 300 People
    + Animal Control - Kill 300 Creatures
    + Homerun! - Get a Homerun
    + Touchdown! - Get a Touchdown
    + They're Not Dolls... - Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
    + ...They're Action Figures - Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
    + Born Survivor - Reach Level 5
    + Commonwealth Citizen - Reach Level 10
    + Unstoppable Wanderer - Reach Level 25
    + Legend of The Wastes - Reach Level 50
    + Prepared for the Future - Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth

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