What you need to know about the Universal Standard Rapid Fire from Evil Controllers

As you probably know, the video game industry is booming. Whether you're one of the new "part time" or infrequent gamers or an old pro who plays multiple hours everyday, there's a company called Evil Controllers that is really bringing the pioneer spirit to market through their rapid fire controllers for the XBox 360. Their base unit, the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller, can give gamers the ability to turn a single shot or semi-automatic weapon into fully automatic mode. That's right, as you can imagine, that's going to give you a lot more power in the game.

Speaking of games, the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller works with all your favorite video games and is constantly updated to include great new games being released. Evil Controllers is constantly on the move making sure their modified Xbox 360 controllers work flawlessly with all the games advertised. (The list is quite impressive.) This takes a lot of time, but it really makes this modified controller worth the money. And this being a base unit, it's a great place to start if you're not sure if a modified controller for the Xbox 360 is right for you or not.

The beauty of the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller is that you just have to hit the fire button and hold down and it will switch into auto-fire mode, allowing you to blast away at your enemies, even if you just have a single shot weapon in the game. This technology has been around a while, but Evil Controllers makes it easy to keep up with the power game players that utilize modified controllers to make themselves competitive on the virtual battlefield. From Call of Duty World at War to Gears or War 2 to other popular titles, Evil Controllers has you covered.

Gone are the days of having to modify a controller on your own and hope you can keep up with the video game companies releasing patches to the games. The smart people are purchasing the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller and letting Evil Controllers take care of all the "grunt work" of keeping up with the technical side while you just "hold the button down" and reap the benefits of their hard work. If you're ready to up your game, it's time to get a modified controller that will allow you to excel at any game you choose.