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  • The COD: Black Ops Sequel is Official and it Brought Back an Old Friend

    Black Ops 2 is Now Officially Confirmed and Could Possibly Have the Return of Sgt. Frank Woods

    Just very recently (thanks to Kotaku), Treyarch officially announced Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and confirmed all of its rumors. In addition, they added an image revealing content that hints at the return of what seems to be Sgt. Frank Woods from the first Black Ops game. As seen here on MP1st, there are almost canon-level hints of his return in the sequel. There are additional content including to be his aged face and voice (likely done by the same voice actor), while there is no additional information of his role in this semi-futuristic Black Ops sequel.

    So with all the revealing content, I guess we should get our PS3 and XBox 360 modded controllers ready as we're heading into some Black Ops set in the future. And it looks like Frank Woods is coming along for the ride.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 Can Have You Travel Through Time to Fix Missteps

    Square's FFXIII-2 Gives You the Ability to Travel Through Time and Fix Some of the Prequel's Wrongs.

    Being a fan of Final Fantasy since its early beginnings, I didn't hear many complaints about the series until the discovery of internet. Then came the wave of such things like "what was wrong with this Final Fantasy", "what should have happened in that Final Fantasy", "I'm some spoony internet video reviewer, and I want to complain and make false accusations about Rikku on FFX-2 for two hours", and so on and so on until everyone was blue in the face. The latest complaint is that "Final Fantasy XIII was too linear". Which after playing the game, I have to admit that it was a bit too linear. Thankfully, Square Enix has heard the complaint (as well as a few others) and answered them with the most non-linear mechanic of all, time travel.

    Described by Director Motomu Toriyama, that at theheart of Final Fantasy XIII-2is the Historia Crux. The Historia Crux is a mechanic that allows players to travel back and forth through time, experiencing events in the game's future or heading to the past to undo wrongs or redo choices they've made previously. Toriyama describe it like a webpage filled with links the player can pick and choose as they please. If players of the game want to go deeper into the game's system then they can do so and be rewarded with extras like hidden endings, priceless treasures, and hours of play time.

    It sounds complicated, but what Toriyama says happened before at Square with the epic classic known as Chrono Trigger. And I loved that mechanic of the game, where you can jump in the Epoch and change events of the past and effect what went on in the future. With this mechanic added to the game, it is very likely I will pick up this game and see what realities could happen in the game.

    If only I had the Historia Crux in real life, I could jump into it and mail my credit card payment on time last Thursday.

  • Debugging Modern Warfare 3

    More updates on the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 have been released and the news denotes a crisper gaming experience for everyone. The Call of Duty franchise seeks to put out the best possible product each time they release a new game and MW3 will be no different.

    A group of Call of Duty glitchers are helping Infinity Ward sift through the new games multiplayer game play in order to resolve pending issues. MapMonkeys, as the community is called, has helped with past Call of Duty titles, and this time around they are spending even more time cleaning up the game play.

    It is very exciting to see that Modern Warfare 3 is being taken so seriously, and it is obvious that the developers want to produce a revolutionary game experience for their followers. Myself included in CoDs large following, it is great news to hear that MW3s multiplayer will be virtually free of glitches and bugs.

    Modern Warfare 3 is rapidly approaching its release date, and the developers are in the final stages of preparation for the game. With all the new developments there is quite a stir in the gaming community as to the new features of the game, and here at Evil, we are doing everything we can to stay on top of the new information. I cannot wait to see what the developer and testers efforts will mean for the game, and Modern Warfare 3 promises to be the most impressive title in the franchises history.

  • Sleep Study shows gaming before bed ruins Sleep

    Is Gaming before Bedtime, bad for your Health?

    Texting, watching television, and playing games before bed could be the main reason why nearly 63 percent of Americans aren't getting enough sleep these days according to the latest study fromfrom the National Sleep Foundation. They suggest to combat this problem is to have a curfew of around an hour before bedtime.

    Seen here on this Kotaku article about sleep and Gaming, the study stands behind their discoveries but also claim there isn't a solid link between electronics use and poor sleeping habits. But looking further, it does have many experts on sleep concerned with the effect of electronic device usage during times we should be getting ready for bed.

    Other experts like Dr. Matt Travis Bianchi, a sleeping specialist at Harvard Medical school, suggests otherwise. He states that we cannot escape electronic usage of computer monitors and televisions and their glow. He says that could combat it by dimming the brightness on them. He also suggests it could be an anxiety problem from electronic usage. Examples could include things like receiving infuriating email just before bed. If you put it on that level, you can relate it to having a bad round of Halo: Reach before bedtime.

    I have to disagree with what the experts say here. I mean I've been playing video games and searching the internet right before I go to bed and get a full night's sleep. Heck sometimes I still get a full night's sleep even when I fall asleep in front of my television or computer monitor (but sometimes that's usually caused by waiting for an opening slot on my favorite server in Team Fortress 2 or waiting for someone with a good latency on Super Street Fighter IV). I really don't think watching cute pug videos on youtube or zerg rushing on Starcraft 2 will effect my sleep habits that much.

    ~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo, fully awake.

  • Japanese version of Homefront not to declare Kim Jong-il Dead.

    Games - Homefront's Japanese version to be changed....slightly

    According to this Kotaku article the Japanese publisher of Homefront explains that only a few noticeable changes will take place in their port of the game. While the oppressive North Korea dictator will still be present in the game (though his son will be the majority North Korean focus) and the North Korean flag andpropagandawill be untouched fully, the only big difference in the Japanese difference was theeditingof the opening movie that declares Kim Jong-il dead, as well as his "funeral procession" (which is actually footage of his father's funeral back in 1994).

    The reason for why the censorship and editting is needed according to the publisher is that they have to comply with CERO, Japan'sComputer Entertainment Rating Organization. CERO has regulations and guidelines on how real people are portrayed in games. According to them, it is fine to depict Kim Jong-il and North Korea in Homefront; but, it CERO stated that if Homefront was to say Kim Jong-il dies in 2012 (which is a major plot point of the game), it will could open the game up to defamation.

    But according Kotaku - Japan's article about the entire ordeal (in Japanese) the game will retain its closeness to the original American content. Hopefully it'll stay the same and we can all be happy in fighting the good fight against a nightmarish North Korean nightmare.

  • The stage of history is set, a new Soul Calibur is on the way!

    Games - Soul Calibur in the near future!

    The designer of the Soul Calibur IV, Daishi Odashima,opened up a Twitter account on Christmas day and one of the first few tweets was to surprise his followers with a tweet saying "SC is back! Get ready, fans!". He then sweetened the deal with a tease. The tease comes in the form of him at his desk and drawing what islikely to be the new Soul Edge in the game.

    With this confirmation, it looks like Namco Bandai is hard at work with now THREE franchise fighting games. They got Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken vs. Street Fighter, and now a new Soul Calibur on the way.If you want to follow his tweets, follow him here:!/daishi_calibur

    He tweets in both Japanese and English, so there's no worries of a language barrier.

  • A Video Game Composer gets a Grammy?

    Video Game News:
    Civilization Music Composer awarded
    Music's Highest Honor.

    It's a first in video game history, never in its history has any part of video game's music industry won a Grammy. Christopher Tin who done recent work for Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, the Civilization series and various other video games, has beaten out other Grammy Nominees in the Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists category. Christopher won the award for his piece "Baba Yetu" which he wrote for Civilization IV back in 2005. Sure it was composed six years ago and is now later nominated and won for the 2011 Grammy's but hey, the video game industry will take what it will get.

    This could probably open up the Grammy's to break loose of the mold that encloses the music industry and show them that music is beyond CDs, MP3s, concerts, and orchestras. Video Games is a new media that the Grammy's have yet to explore and should keep an open mind towards it. With the success of Video Games Live! and SquareEnix's orchestra tour called "Dear Friends", the video game's own take on music is slowly being accepted into the mainstream society. This Grammy win is just another step towards greater things.

    You may read more about it: here.

  • Can Journey Be The Next Video Games are "Art" Example

    Game "Journey" to be Made as Art

    Millions of gamers will run up to the plate to defend videogames as a legitimate art form, but not every game is truly artistic. The attribute of being artistic is a difficult attribute to define because every gamer and every critic has their own idea of what makes something undeniably Art. Without going down the path of trying to make a case of what makes a videogame artistic, or what doesn't, let's just say that every year a few titles come out that the general consensus agrees has artistic merit. In recent years these titles have been; Braid, Shadow of the Colossus, Limbo, Flower, Portal, and BioShock, just to name a few.

    Genuinely they come off as something more then a videogame because they do something particularly interesting. They do something very non-gamey. In BioShock it was the attention to narrative in a particular way in which BioShock drew attention to the fact that a gamer in any game never really has any freedom. They are stuck to the whim of the game's objectives. It destroyed the disillusionment of freedom confidently to the expense of it's own mechanics. To some gamers this had a powerful effect to the overall experience, to other gamers they found the game's narrative at odds with the game's structure.

    In an interview with Jenova Chen, the creative director of thatgamecompany and designer of the titles flOw and Flower, Jenova Chen begins to describe Journey in a refreshing way. Describing Journey as an online experience in which Journey is just like hiking. You go to hike a mountain, and there are other hikers you might meet and if you like them you can hike with them. This is an online game, but there are no lobbies.

    It's online title in which you travel from point A to point B never acquiring personal skills or abilities. Every skill is borrowed from your surroundings and there aren't any traditional enemies. It sounds like an interesting concept (although a little boring), but it is concerning that Jenova Chen in the interview often focused on the steps he took to make the game fun.

    From screen shots the game certainly has an interesting and cool aesthetic, but can a game about traveling where the developers are actively denying the player's the feeling of empowerment going to be a fun one? If there is anything that the games-as-art bandwagon has genuinely agreed upon, it's that artistic games do tend to still be fun, so it'll be interesting to see if this game ends up becoming the next, Games are Art proof, or if it'll be slid under the rug for having good concepts, but poor implementation.

    Journey's release date has yet to be announced, but will come out some time this year. For the full interview with Jenova Chen, Click Here.

  • Congressman to push Health Warnings on Games a second time.

    Industry/Political News - Politician to Make Games to have Cigarette Box-like warnings

    Congressman Joe Baca (D-Califorinia) tried to introduced legislature in 2009 on display a label warning of links between violent video games and aggressive behavior. The proposal was denied. Read more about the 2009 legislature here.

    Cut to 2011, where he has now proposed the exact same legislature with the exact same information, only the difference now is he's backed by Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia). The Virginian Congressman adds that like smokers being warned about cigarettes via labels, we should warn parents and children about the growing scientific backed link between violent behavior and video games. So really it's the same thing only he's backed with another congressman. If you're interested in this legislature, you can read more about the repeating proposalhere.

  • Playstation on your Android?

    Console News - Take your Sony Playstation anywhere!

    At Sony's Tokyo Press Conference, Sony announced that they would get into the Android market by releasing PS1 titles, but instead of having their customers download titles one at a time, they would have a program that would act like a suite for the games. The Playstation Suite will also be available on PSP2 as well.

    Among the first PS1 games to launch on the service will be Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2, Rally cross, Medievil and Syphon Filter.

    This is great in this blogger's opinion. Because there really isn't that many games for my Android phone aside from the usual. Though I would be concerned about the memory and battery life of my little Samsung moment. But we will just have to wait and see what this Sony Playstation Suite android app can do.

    You can read more about the Playstation Android Application here.

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