• Microsoft Offers Refunds on Unused Xbox Live Gold Time

    xbox live gold refunds

    Microsoft has just announced a whole list of changes to their Xbox Live service that will completely overhaul the overall experience for their average user. One of the biggest changes in this new move by Microsoft will allow gamers who make use of quarterly or yearly Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to receive refunds for any time they did not make use of on their Xbox.

    If an Xbox Live Gold user cancels their yearly or monthly subscription, they will receive a refund for the remaining time available on that subscription, which should then go into their Xbox Live account balance.

    On top of the changes to subscriptions, Microsoft is working hard to remove any paywalls on their current entertainment offering. Whilst Xbox Live Gold will still be needed for online multiplayer, services like Hulu Plus and Netflix will now be accessible without an active Gold subscription.

    These brand new Xbox Live changes will go live in June, and it's another portion of their efforts to make sure their customers are getting the best service possible. The Xbox One certainly went off to a rocky start, but a lot of work has gone into rectifying their previous mistakes, and making sure things are easier and more convenient on their customers in the future.

    This change was just announced after Microsoft revealed their brand new Kinect-less Xbox One SKU which can now be pre-ordered from online retailers for $90 cheaper than the Xbox One with Kinect.

  • GTA V Now Available Digitally on Xbox LIVE

    After Grand Theft Auto V's amazingly successful launch, Microsoft have finally made a digital version of the game available for download on the Xbox Game's Store.

    Like many of the full games available on the Xbox Games Store, the digital version of Grand Theft Auto V will go for $59.99 in the United States, and possibly around £50 in the UK. You will also need a total of 7.63GB free space to download the game onto your hard drive.

    Whilst Microsoft have only just stepped up and released a digital copy of the game on their console's game marketplace, it has been available on the PlayStation Network since the game's launch.

    Many players have complained that the PlayStation 3 digital version has had problems with textures popping in and out, texture clipping issues, and other strange and unexplainable glitches such as parts of the game spawning late or not spawning at all.

    According to reports from officials, this is due to the hard drive not being able to stream data at the speed the game requires to run smoothly.

    This is the same issue why Rockstar have warned players not to install the "play" disc onto their Xbox 360. Because of the problems that the digital version has had on the PS3, it wouldn't be surprising if similar problems occur on the digital Xbox 360 version as well.

    We'd advise just popping out and buying the physical version to avoid problems and save a few pennies at the same time.

  • World of Tanks Currently in Beta Stage for Xbox 360

    It's always nice to see more PC games cross the bridge to console gaming. And, as announced at E3, World of Tanks will soon be making its way to Xbox 360. The game is currently in a console Beta which will take place on a few different weekends and will be available to those who previously registered their interest in participating in the Beta.

    It'd be nice to see how well the game ports over to the console, especially considering World of Tanks on the PC has quite a complex menu system and varying different tank controls in-game. Once World of Tanks is available to play for everybody, the game will be free to play, just like it is on the PC.

    Xbox Live Gold members will be able to play it to their heart's content, whilst Silver members will have a 7 day 'trial period.'

    World of Tanks features 15 a side tank warfare as each team fights over control of certain strategic points on the map. The game includes a complex tank tier tree branching into various different tank types and countries.

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