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  • Evil Controllers Offers Custom Controllers on Etsy

    etsy-logo-xsokxgAt Evil Controllers we are always looking for new ways to reach out to our customers, whether it's through great new products for the latest consoles, or new ways for you to find our controllers, and today we're proud to announce that we've gone one step further to making it as easy as possible for you to get hold of the controller you've always wanted.

    We have just opened up a storefront on Etsy, and you'll now be able to purchase our unique controllers straight from our Etsy store page. This should help anybody who hasn't yet managed to purchase a controller through other methods.

    Our Etsy store page accepts Etsy gift cards, and has a wide range of custom controllers for Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, just like our main website. On top of this, we'll be providing unique products each week on our Etsy store page, so make sure to check back regularly for the best deals on the hottest controller designs around.

    If you want a unique and custom controller then the Etsy store should be your first stop, our unique Etsy designs may not be around forever, so favorite our page to keep up to date with any new designs we bring to the store.

    If you're unfamiliar with Etsy, you can always still rely on our website store which is filled with dozens of different designs for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, or use our custom controller creator to create the perfect controller that's unique to you.

  • Xbox Marketplace is Now Called Xbox Games Store

    If it matters to you, you'll be happy to hear that Microsoft has changed their Xbox Marketplace to something that sounds a little more playful. Starting from today the Xbox Marketplace will now be called the Xbox Games Store.

    This follows on from a few changes that are happening to the digital Xbox Games store to make it ready for the introduction of the Xbox One. This includes a transition from Microsoft Points to real life currencies which has happened recently.

    The changes won't really make much of a difference on a visual side, however Microsoft are still striding to make as many changes to the user interface on the Xbox 360 to make it feel more modernized and minimalistic with its square Windows 8 tile design.

    When the Xbox One hits, the transition from the Xbox 360 will probably be very easy because the evolved design of the user interface on the Xbox 360 will end up very similar to the interface that will be found on the Xbox One upon launch.

    Stay tuned to Evil Controllers to learn about our custom Xbox One controllers that will be out shortly after the release of the Xbox One.

  • Deep Down Gets Teaser Trailer from Capcom

    Although we're still waiting for Lost Planet 3 from Capcom after their unexpected release reschedule earlier this year, it hasn't stopped the developer and publisher from working on more titles.

    This includes their new Deep Down game, a title that previously little was known about. Capcom recently revealed this game with a teaser trailer, and it's certainly looking interesting.

    So far the game is said to be an 'online game' so it could be possible that it is developed as a persistent MMO- something that has popped up a lot recently on consoles in games such as Defiance and Destiny.

    The trailer shows hardly anything, shows no game play, and only plays some strange voices that all start to blend into one another until they all become one cacophony of noise that then leads to the end of the trailer with an explosion.

    It certainly has got us thinking, but trying to work out what could come from this game at the moment is almost impossible to do.

    On the trailer, only the PlayStation 4 platform is shown, but an Xbox One version isn't completely ruled out. Regardless of which platform the game gets released for, Evil Controllers will have custom ps4 controllers available and modded Xbox 1 controllers available in time for it's release.

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