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  • Xbox One Gets Another Cut in UK

    xbox one titanfall bundle

    Last week it was revealed that the Xbox One Titanfall bundle will be getting a 30 Euros discount in the UK, bringing the price of the next gen console slightly closer to the PlayStation 4's price. However, at the time, it was clear that the PlayStation 4 was still a better deal, and despite the price drop from 430 to 399 Euros, the Xbox One Titanfall bundle still wasn't cheap enough to sway any PlayStation gamers to the Microsoft side of the fence.

    This week, GameStop has decided to bump it up a notch by reducing the Xbox One's price as well, bringing the console price even lower than the original price cut. The console bundle has now been reduced another 30 Euros, making the console price 369 Euros.

    This bundle also comes packed with a digital copy of Titanfall, a standard controller, the Kinect sensor, and of course the console as well. The Titanfall standard SKU will also come with a headset for talking on Xbox LIVE, and a 1 month free trial of Xbox LIVE Gold.

    Unfortunately these price drops are still only in effect in the United Kingdom, however if you're living elsewhere, you may be able to pick up a free digital copy of Titanfall if you purchase a new Xbox One after March 11th. This is part of a new deal to make the Xbox One more accessible to anybody that just can't keep their hands off of Titanfall.

    If you don't want to splash out on a new console, you could always wait for the Xbox 360 release of Titanfall, which is planned for March 25th.

  • Some More Details On Titanfall Content Expected at Launch

    Titanfall Launch Content

    Titanfall hit Beta late last week, and at first I was taken back at the epic, super exciting gameplay the seemed to unfold in every single game. There is rarely a break in action, and sometimes that action intensifies and it's incredibly enjoyable.

    The problem with the Beta is that the fun doesn't last - after a few hours of playing, the same two levels get boring, and playing with just four weapons with little customization options can make it feel almost pointless to carry on getting exp and completing challenges.

    I hope that this issue will be addressed at launch. Right now the level cap is 14, which can be reached in less than 10 games, and once you've done that, there isn't that much left to do other than play the same things again and again.

    One thing you can do though is keep unlocking burn cards, because some of these have a little peak at what content we’ll see in the future. Firstly, there seem to be two primary weapons available from burn cards that aren't yet loadouts, and that includes a more powerful sniper that can do more damage than the DMR, which takes 2 body shots to kill currently, and then there is an LMG, which from my experience feels like a very decent gun that can beat opponents from close to long range.

    It's also been rumored that there will be a total of 14 maps playable after a player digged into the data files, along with a few more weapons and Titan and Pilot perks.

  • Titanfall Went into Open Beta on Valentine's Day

    titanfall open beta

    Titanfall was originally planned to enter closed Beta on Valentine's day, which players could sign up to for PC or Xbox One beforehand to get a chance to play. Although the NDA was lifted for this event, it was still closed Beta for the first two days, and there was a fair amount of players who had yet to play, both on PC and the Xbox One.

    However, since the event went pretty smoothly, Respawn wanted to stress test the servers as much as possible to make the launch of the title go by as perfectly as they can. To do this, Respawn decided to open up the Beta for full open access, meaning that all players could go into the game and access it, both on PC and Xbox One.

    Vince Zampella seemed pretty happy to "break" the game, so it'll be interesting to see how the Beta plays out for the next few days.

    The Titanfall Beta will remain open till the 19th February. After that point, players will have to wait for the full release later in March.

    I managed to get my hands on Titanfall, and I feel like it's definitely got enough new content in it to make it feel like a fresh new shooter, but it doesn't take away too much from the modern day FPS to make it feel too unfamiliar for the average casual player. The Beta was limited for both maps and weapons, but this is likely to change on the full release.

  • SCEE Brand Manager Suggests Titanfall Will Come to PS4

    Titanfall PS4

    It has pretty much been confirmed up to this point that Titanfall, at least the first game in the series, has been announced to be a Microsoft exclusive. This means that it will only be available on Microsoft platforms.

    So far, a release has been set for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, and although many Microsoft representatives have already stated that it will be a lifetime exclusivity, many others aren't so sure this is the case.

    One of the main reasons why I personally doubt Titanfall will stay on Xbox for the duration of it's lifetime is because EA have too much of a good chance to bring in both a huge revenue, and a massive player base if they aimed for the PlayStation 4 as well as the Xbox One.

    So, unless Microsoft are paying a heavy load of money EA's way, I'd say it's very likely that future Titanfall games will be cross-platform.

    I'm not the only one that believes this either. In fact, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Brand Manager Alex Moyet tweeted out to say that she too believes that it won't be long before Titanfall is moved over to cross-platform status. Her tweet was in reply to another twitter user and said,

    "Nah we might have to wait another year or so but I've got a good feeling it'll come to PS4."

    Although her tweet has since been removed, the internet won't let such a piece of information slip into the unknown. Her reply was short and simple, but it certainly got a point across.

  • Microsoft is Offering $100 If you Hand Them your PS3

    Microsoft 100 off ps3

    Microsoft is pretty well known for slandering it's competition, and recently they've really tried hard to make their competitors look like insignificant wastes of time, despite being a fair way behind their competitors in the industries they are working in.

    In the gaming industry, I have a feeling we can expect a lot of PlayStation slandering campaigns to go ahead over the next few years, but that's okay, because Sony usually has a witty thing or two to say back.

    The most recent of these campaigns offers those who want an Xbox One a path easier on their wallets. To be precise, Microsoft has offered to take your PlayStation 3 off of your hands, in return for a $100 discount card on a brand spanking new Xbox One.

    Microsoft may have admitted that the Xbox One is priced higher than the PS4, and this looks like their first measure to try and make their price a little closer to the cheaper PlayStation.

    The trouble is, despite this being a nice way to get a new Xbox One, it really isn't that much of a great deal. By giving your PlayStation 3 to Microsoft, you'll be making $100, whilst they could then go and sell that off to a refurbished electronics retailer for more than $100.

    If you really want an Xbox One, you'll be better off selling your PS3 privately on a website like eBay, instead of handing it into Microsoft.

    PlayStation 4 fans have taken to the internet to poke fun at the campaign. One fan has changed up the original sign that said "ditch your PS3 and get $100 store credit towards Xbox One" and replaced it with the writing "Keep your PS3 and save $100 by ignoring Microsoft and buying a PS4."

  • Master Mod Now Available for Xbox One


    Evil Controllers releases their infamous Master Mod for the Xbox One!

    Tempe, AZ. (January 2014) - Evil Controllers has brought advanced gameplay features to the newest generation of hardware, aimed at enhancing a player's gameplay experience.  On Monday, January 27th, Evil Controllers released their world famous Master Mod for the Xbox One. Hardcore gamers can now purchase modded Xbox One controllers, featuring the most sought after mods: Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Auto Spot and many more! The Xbox One Master Mod is only available at and features 9 mods for Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

    "In the last generation of consoles,  we really learned a lot about our fans favorite mods and gameplay enhancements, and we're excited to put what we learned into this new generation of hardware," said CEO and mastermind, Adam Coe.

    The Xbox One Master Mod features 10 pre-set rapid fire speeds that that allow the user to jump into the action immediately with rapid fire for either Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 or future titles. In addition, for users that would like to fine tune their rate of fire for enhanced accuracy or extreme speed, they will be able to do so with an additional setting that allows them to adjust their rate of fire for their favorite weapons. The Xbox One Master Mod includes 10 additional slots that a user can use to pre-set their custom firing rates for easy pick up and play usability.

    Experienced modders will be familiar with the Master Mod for the Xbox One as it incorporates all of the most popular mods in a single controller. These Mods include: Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Auto Run, Auto Spot, Akimbo Rapid Fire, Left Trigger Rapid Fire, Fast Reload and Auto Scope. The Master Mod v3 is compatible with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, including an adjustable Rapid Fire setting to ensure compatibility with future titles in the FPS and third-person shooter genres.

    Evil Controllers is known throughout the gaming industry as the mecca of custom gaming controllers. Evil prides itself on its advance modifications that fit the needs of the core gaming audience, through both internal and external personalization options for gamers at every level.

    "We hope to excite our fans and help increase their gaming experience! We plan to take modifications a step further with the latest console, and we cannot wait to show our fans what we have in the works, but for now our latest offering gives them everything they need to take their experience further in the newest Battlefield and Call of Duty."

    Xbox One modded controllers are available at The available Xbox One mods can be seen in action here:

    For now, PlayStation 4 fans can continue to create one-of-a-kind custom controllers via Evil's Controller Creator. Evil Controllers will continue to support the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 platform with custom and modded controllers.

    About Evil Controllers:

    Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. Our controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. We create custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation customization. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.

  • Destiny Release Date Pushed to Late 2014

    Destiny Release Delay 2014

    When Destiny was first announced, it gave us all the impression that Bungie were gearing up to release the game as a launch title for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, or at least a game that would make it to release within the launch window.

    However, with Bungie being Bungie, things have been pushed back a little. Instead, both the full release and the BETA have been delayed to later down the line in 2014.

    The final dates have been set as September 9th for the full release, and sometime in Summer 2014 for the BETA release. Interestingly, Bungie have also teamed with Sony to offer a timed exclusivity for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players, however details haven’t yet been given on whether this exclusivity will be strictly for the BETA access or for the full release as well, and a date for the Xbox versions hasn’t been given.

    Bungie released this information in a new statement, along with information on how close they are to reaching their final goals and original vision for the game. It has also been confirmed that the BETA date will work similarly to an early access launch, and everybody that pre-ordered the game will be able to play through the BETA and onto the full launch without any wipes or character save data being erased.

    It is likely that the game will undergo a huge amount of balancing changes whilst in BETA, so although early access through pre-order will be a viable option for those who want to get in and play early, you may miss out on the full, final experience that Bungie are working towards.

  • Xbox One Issues Summary- Green Screen of Death, Broken Xbox One, DOA, Blu-ray Drive

    Xbox One Broken DOA

    It looks as if both Sony and Microsoft have run into problems, and an increasing amount of reports are coming in about broken Xbox Ones and issues with the console.

    Once again, it's unlikely there is a large volume of consoles with any issues at all, but the minority that are having problems are likely to shout about it, and that's why all of the current issues have been made aware of.

    If you're having any issues with your Xbox One, use the summary to find out about how to deal with your problem.

    Xbox One Blu-ray Disk Drive Problems

    Microsoft has acknowledged the problem with Blu-ray disk drives not functioning properly and has offered to replace any consoles that have this problem. "The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers", Microsoft said in the statement. "We're working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program."

    Obviously, at this time it’s hard to say just how long it will take to get a replacement console.

    Green Screen of Death

    This is a freezing problem that occurs on the Xbox One dashboard UI, but unfortunately a statement by Microsoft hasn't been made about this problem. If you still have the box and the receipt, you could try your luck at the retail store you purchased it from and try to get a new console. If your local area is out of consoles, you'll have to wait for an official reply.

    Xbox One Dead-On-Arrival

    This seems to be a very rare issue, but it is happening nonetheless. If you're unfortunate enough to have this problem, take it back to the store or try to contact the online e-commerce website you purchased your console from. Microsoft will probably offer a replacement console via the included warranty, but you'll have to directly contact them through their help lines.

    With such a huge global launch, hardware and software issues are bound to arise- it's likely most of you are enjoying your new console without any issues, but if you're unlucky enough to have problems, you'll have to go through one of the above routes to get it fixed.

  • Xbox One Sells 1 Million in 24 Hours

    1 Million Xbox One Sales

    Just like with the PlayStation 4's North American launch, Microsoft's new Xbox One console has managed to sell a total of 1 million units within the first 24 hours of launch.

    This is some pretty interesting news, and despite all of the criticism Microsoft have received, and the fact that the Xbox One is more expensive than the PlayStation 4, this shows that there is still a strong audience out there for the Xbox One.

    Microsoft made a statement to state that the Xbox One is now sold out in most retailers, despite other reports stating otherwise, however, the 1 million sales are most likely true at this point.

    To match the demand, Microsoft hope to mass produce more consoles before Christmas. Xbox's corporate Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Yusuf Mehdi, has an offered a statement saying, "We are working hard to create more Xbox One consoles and look forward to fulfilling holiday gift wishes this season."

    Like mentioned above, we've heard a few reports about a large amount of Xbox One's still being available, so although the console has sold incredibly well, it looks like Microsoft's next gen console may not be dealing with as many production issues as the PlayStation 4 is.

    Most reviews for the Xbox One from customers and critics seem to be quite positive, and many are hailing it as the console of choice for those who are more likely to use their console for more entertainment mediums such as TV, internet browsing, listening to music or watching movies.

  • Custom Xbox One Controllers Now Available!


    Evil Controllers offers custom options for Xbox One, allowing gamers to personalize controllers before the official Microsoft Xbox One Release!

    Tempe, AZ. (November 2013) - Evil Controllers announces custom Xbox One controllers. Available November 20th, 2013, gamers can take advantage of the new Xbox One Console through the creation of completely personalized Xbox One controllers. The new controllers come straight from Microsoft and are customizable both internally via modifications, and externally via aesthetics.

    Evil Controllers is well known throughout the gaming world as the go-to stop to create custom accessories for all your gaming needs, aimed at adding personalization through customization, these internal and external changes improve your gaming ability, while allowing you to create something one-of-a-kind.

    Xbox One controllers will be available via Custom options will include countless decals and colors, as well as custom buttons, bumpers, and thumbsticks. Xbox One Controllers will also house internal modifications capable of improving your game play.

    "Evil Controllers is a company that celebrates all things gaming, and we are excited to offer fully customizable Xbox One Controllers prior to the release of the Xbox One,"   said Adam Coe, CEO of Evil Controllers, "Evil prides ourselves on our superior products, customer service, and creative options, and we cannot wait to show our fans the brilliant options we have in store  for Xbox One!"

    Evil Controllers has also unveiled custom options for Playstation 4, currently available at Evil will also continue transforming standard products into exceptional necessities for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. To build  your custom controller visit our controller creator at

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