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  • Titanfall 2 Beta is Live

    Titanfall 2 Beta is Live

    The second beta for Titanfall 2 has now gone live for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and you can still get the chance to play it right now. The main goal for this beta from Respawn Entertainment's perspective is to stress test the servers, so it's very easy to get into the beta on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. You can download the Titanfall 2 multiplayer stress test from both the Xbox Games Store and the PlayStation Store from your consoles.

    If you miss the beta this time, don't fret, we'd expect there to be at least another multiplayer stress test before the game gets a final release. Speaking of which, Titanfall 2 is now scheduled for release on October 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

    Available gameplay content in the beta is understandably quite limited, but this new beta test did see a small addition of new content added. A number of game fixes and tweaks have been made during the beta test, too, so it's clear that Respawn Entertainment still have quite a lot of work to do when it comes to multiplayer balancing.

    Fortunately the beta tests will do wonders for the Titanfall 2 development team. With more beta tests Respawn Entertainment will be able to lock down stable server performance, iron out any obviously overpowered or underpowered content and ensure that the game launch goes as smooth as possible in October.

  • Pre-order the New Doom And Get Old Doom Games for Free

    new doom pre-order

    If you are planning to pre-order the new Doom you may be happy to hear that you'll be receiving some additional benefits for doing so. Previously there has been no news about pre-orders for Doom and pre-ordering the game via the Xbox Game Store has not been possible so far. However, the Xbox Games Store in Australia had a little slip up and showcased the pre-order page for Doom shortly before being taken down again.

    According to the Australian pre-order page for the new Doom, players will be able to receive versions of Doom 1 and Doom 2 for pre-ordering the upcoming title. It's likely that the Doom 1 and Doom 2 games that will be packed in as part of a pre-order bonus will be the same XBLA versions that are already available on the Xbox 360. Both versions are currently on sale for $5 each and backwards compatibility is already supported for both Doom 1 and Doom 2.

    Giving away both arcade versions of Doom 1 and Doom 2 is a generous move by Bethesda and it's very simple for them to do. In fact, this is not the first time Bethesda has offered such a deal for pre-ordering a title. Players were previously rewarded a free digital copy of Fallout 3 for pre-ordering Fallout 4.

    Other publishers have offered similar deals before as well - For example, Square Enix recently gave out free copies of Just Cause 2 to all players that pre-ordered Just Cause 3.

  • Decembers Games with Gold Deals Announced

    december games with gold 2015

    Now that December has arrived, Major Nelson has updated his personal blog to introduce the new games that will be available for free as part of the December Games with Gold promotion. This month there will be five different titles that will be available at different times throughout.

    Three of the titles available are on the Xbox 360 whilst the other two are Xbox One titles.

    Starting with the Xbox 360, the first title available will be Castlestorm. Usually a $9.99 digital arcade title, CastleStorm is a 2013 game developed by Zen Studios. CastleStorm features a variety of medieval weaponry that players can use to protect themselves from oncoming enemies. The objective of CastleStorm is defend your castle.

    The second game available on Xbox 360 will be Sacred 3 - this title is usually available for $19.99 on the Xbox Games Store and it will be available on Xbox 360 for free, starting on December 16 and ending on December 31.

    The third Xbox 360 game, which Major Nelson has mentioned is an extra gift for players this Holiday season, is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Like Sacred 3, Operation Flashpoint will be available from December 16 until December 31.

    As for the Xbox One titles - starting from December 1, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will be available for free for the entirety of the month. On December 16, the new Thief remaster will be put up for free as well. Thief will be available until January 15.

  • New GTA V Story Content Coming, Beach Bum Pack Released

    Rockstar have been pretty generous with their Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer game, and have given out a lot of content for free. Along with having GTA Online as a free game, and sending out free cash packs as a way to say sorry for the server problems, Rockstar are still giving out freebies.

    The new free Beach Bum pack has been released, and it brings in a bunch of new content and features. The Beach Bum pack adds a new survival mission, a new race, a new team deathmatch, a new bike race and a new parachute job.

    On top of this, it also brings in beach themed customization options such as tattoos clothes, haircuts and even beach themed vehicles.

    The single player and story haven't been left in the dark though, and just like with Grand Theft Auto IV and the two extra DLC story content packs, Rockstar has announced that there will be new story content available in the future for Grand Theft Auto V.

    Whilst Rockstar didn't give any information other than stating that there will be "exciting Story Mode updates" in the future, it's very likely that the upcoming updates could be new DLC packs similar to the ballad of Gay Tony and the Lost and the Damned in GTA IV.

    Unlike all of the recent free GTA Online content, the new story content will probably be released as purchasable DLC packs on the PSN store and the Xbox Games Store.

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