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  • Evil Controllers Shift Pro Controller Coming This Summer

    evil controllers shift pro controllerWe've been doing modded controllers for years - we've provided gamers the tools they have needed to take their game to the next level. We've completely nailed the modded controller market.

    Recently, there has been a surge in interest for pro controllers - this is a relatively new space in the controller market and we think it deserves our name on it.


    This new controller has been built from the ground up to compete in the pro controller space amongst giants like the Xbox One Elite.

    The Evil Shift is currently in production for both the PS4 and Xbox One and will be made available this summer.

    We've modded the Evil Shift controllers to their fullest potential, making sure not to cross any lines that would disqualify the controller from any official esports events.

    This means we've got highly accurate interchangeable Evil Thumbsticks - these bad boys have more surface area, better grip, and can be swapped in and out on the fly.

    Our new Evil Shift hairpin triggers have been designed to give your controller faster response time - we're talking a 50% reduction in tension. The smoother trigger press will increase fire rate in all games.

    Our Evil Shift controller also features four unique paddle buttons at the rear of the control - they're remappable and incredibly responsive. The paddles also fit right where your fingers will be, so pressing the paddle buttons is like second nature to any gamer.

    Everything about the Evil Shift controller is available as a single hardware product - there's no messing around with software or apps - just pick it up and play.

  • Are Pro Controllers, Modded Controllers?

    evilcontrollers modded controllersThe industry for pro controllers is growing at a tremendous pace, and it’s no surprise when you consider how fast esports is growing too. Many players are often confused about pro controllers and whilst they add new functionality over standard controllers they are not considered to be ‘modded’ controllers.

    In this article, we explain why pro controllers are in fact not modded and why you can use pro controllers in tournaments or esports events.

    On the surface, pro controllers come with a wide range of benefits - they have additional buttons, button re-mapping and the quality of the buttons, D-pad, joysticks, and triggers are often a lot higher than standard controllers.

    There’s no denying that pro controllers offer better precision for skilled gamers, but they do not include any ‘mods’ or affect gameplay whatsoever.

    On the other side of the fence, modded controllers have specific ‘mods’ that can be used to get an in-game edge over other players. These mods could include programmable macros that can automate button presses or rapid fire buttons that can simulate button presses faster than humanly possible. By providing these features, modded controllers can automate certain processes and remove a large amount of skill from games.

    Pro controllers do not remove any level of skill from gameplay - their buttons, triggers, and joysticks may offer better precision and therefore provide responses more accurate to what a player is inputting, but all elements of gameplay are still reliant on the player’s skill.

    We offer both modded controllers and pro gaming controllers: To learn more, click on the product you're most interested in:

    eSports Pro Controllers

    Master Mod

  • Microsoft's Xbox One Elite Controller Announcement

    Screen_Shot_2015-06-15_at_12.56.43_PM.0Microsoft just announced their latest controller changes. They are introducing a brand new controller design that includes paddles, remappable buttons, swappable components, and trigger locks. All of these new enhancements are scheduled for release this Fall. Microsoft is gearing its new design towards the "elite gamers" and tournament level players. The paddles and remappable buttons should impact the competitive gaming scene dramatically.

    It is unknown at the time if Sony will return with their own new controller design but we speculate that they will have to answer to Microsoft's controller. Sony already has remappable buttons but will they also add the paddles and trigger stops? We will have to wait and see how they decide to answer. If they want to stay ahead they will have to keep the competitive gamer in mind.

    The new Xbox One controller design has the hardcore gamer in mind and will definitely be a hit. The price hasn't been discussed yet but with all the additional components it can easily break the $100 price point. To check out the trailer for the new controller click here:


    Evil Enables Players to Customize Their Own Xbox One Controllers

    Tempe, AZ. (May 2014) - Over the weekend Evil Controllers unveiled their Xbox One Send-In Service. The new service gives gamers an opportunity to send their current Xbox One controllers to Evil Controllers for aesthetic upgrades and gameplay enhancements. Evil's exclusive Master Mod® is highly sought after by the hardcore gaming community and this new service gives more gamers an opportunity to enjoy a superior experience that only Evil Controllers can offer.

    Using the Xbox One Send-In Service gamers can customize the look of their controller by choosing to modify their shell, ABXY buttons, D-Pad, LEDs and more. Users may also choose to add their gamertag to their controller and personalize it further.

    "Our Send-In Service is perfect for gamers that got caught up in the excitement of the new console," said Jonah Coe, Chief Operating Officer of Evil Controllers. "When the console was released, we all bought one, two, or three extra controllers. This service allows those players to personalize one of their existing controllers without needing to purchase another one in the process."

    Featured in the service is Evil's exclusive Master Mod®. The Master Mod® includes 8 mods that are compatible with the most popular titles including: Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Dead Rising 3. The mods included are: Adjustable Rapid Fire, Akimbo Rapid Fire, Left Trigger Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Fast Reload, Auto Scope, Auto Run and Auto Spot. The mods will also be compatible with future shooters for the Xbox One and is an available add-on for only $79.99.

    The Xbox One Send In Service is available here:

    PlayStation 4 fans can look forward to future products and services in the coming months. Evil will continue their support of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. To build your own custom controller visit Evil's controller creator at


    About Evil Controllers:
    Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. Our controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. We create custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation customization. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.

  • Xbox One Dashboard Leaked

    A possible Microsoft Employee has leaked a debug Xbox One that shows a glimpse of the new console dashboard. Since the upload, the video was removed from its original channel but thanks to the power of the internet many others have leapt to re-upload it.

    Unsurprisingly there are a lot of similarities in the Xbox One dashboard to the current Xbox 360 dashboard and the same tiled Windows 8 theme is seen throughout. There are a few different features, however the overall layout will feel very comforting to those who have used the current Xbox 360 dashboard.

    The video uploader also opens up Rome: Son of Ryse and shows off a pretty cool new feature that allows the game to keep running in the background whilst the user accesses the dashboard.

    The game can be viewed through a large tile and the video uploader shows that everything can be accessed on the dashboard smoothly and without issue.

    It's likely that this feature will be available for movies as well as games and arcade titles. The uploader of the video did say that it was a little buggy but upon release the Xbox One dashboard would feel a lot smoother especially in the case of the minimized game features.

    You can see the video here:

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