Xbox One Modded Controller

Evil Controllers will offer the world's first Custom Xbox One Modded Controller as well as the world's first Modded Xbox One Controller. Be sure to follow Evil Controllers on facebook to stay updated.

Here are some of the designs that we have brainstormed. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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The new Xbox One was revealed today in Redmond, Washington showcasing the new controller. Evil Controllers is excited to announce that Evil Controllers will be the first company in the industry to release an Xbox One Modded Controller.

Call of Duty: Ghosts was announced to be released on the new console in addition to the title's Xbox 360 and PS3 release. We are confident that we will be able to modify the controller to feature our well known rapid fire feature. The Rapid Fire Xbox One Modded Controller will give all of our fans the fastest firing rate, what they have come to expect from Evil Controllers.

EA Sports demonstrated the potential of their Ignite engine which will utilize Microsoft's new hardware for their sports title, but with EA's full support for the next Xbox you can expect to see more Battlefield on that hardware as well. Evil Controllers will be sure to make the next generation of rapid fire controllers compatible for Call of Duty: Ghosts and EA's next First-Person Shooter offering, which is likely to be Battlefield 4.

Be sure to follow us on facebook and to check our blogs regularly for Xbox One news and info. We can't wait to give custom Xbox One controllers a surge of Evil.

When it comes to the next generation of Call of Duty titles, you can expect Evil Controllers to give you the edge.

9 thoughts on “Xbox One Modded Controller”

  • Elliot

    Hey guys, keep up the good work. I would love to purchase some of your products for the Xbox 360, but monetary issues on my end wont allow that as of this moment. I'm a 17 year old guy with an aspiration to get a job soon, and when I do, my first paycheck will go towards one of your fine custom controllers.

  • Kyle F

    That's really awesome! Have to admit I was really disappointed watching all of these next-generation systems being revealed and saying that none of them are disabled friendly, I'm definitely going to have to pick up one of those controls as I haven't played a system game sense probably 2007.

  • ryan

    Hey extremely happy how much will it cost though im on low budget

  • JT

    You guys def need a black/blood red color modified Xbox One controller. The YellowFire looks "Ok." Throw in same/similar design but with a blood-red and I'm sold.

  • Andrea Smith

    Need a few of these xbox ones for Christmas. Can we have more with zombies and cool colors?
    Also we have one with bullets now...please have those available for xbox one!

    Thank you!

  • Jacob warren

    you guys should do what you did for that 1st one like the blueish carbon fiber look only, make it look like an actual black carbon fiber look! :3

    • Evil Ambassador Reyes
      Evil Ambassador Reyes November 6, 2013 at 11:20 am

      Great idea, Jacob!

      We will definitely consider this moving forward!

      Check out our available Ps4 Controllers!

  • Richard ill

    hey could you by any chance make an xbox one controller with a lot of xbox 360 controller features wi would pay hansomley for that as my hands are much bigger than the average person and the xbox one controller I feel that I could break it in half with my dick because it seems it has been modified for pussy faggots and it really pisses me off they probably found out that 60% of their sales go to Asians with small jerkers and modified it to them

  • Eli

    i would love to see a biohazard theme

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