• New Mafia 3 Trailer Showcases Gameplay


    A brand new Mafia 3 trailer has been released by 2K Games and it features a range of interesting gameplay scenes.

    This particular new trailer focuses on the variety of weapons that will be available in Mafia 3. It's clear that the different weapon choices players will have in Mafia 3 will mark an important aspect of gameplay for the entirety of a playthrough.

    At the beginning, the trailer focuses on a number of different pistols and hand-to-hand weapons, such as knives and bayonets. Quickly the trailer progresses onto a much larger arsenal and around the 0:30 mark a huge collection of weapons can be seen. Pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers and SMGs can be seen flying by.

    Hopefully players will be able to choose which weapons they'd like to use at any point in the game - with such a wide variety of weapons, from 9mm pistols to LMGs and rocket launchers, there's certainly a lot of choice available.

    The weapon select interface may share similar traits to the weapon wheel in Grand Theft Auto V - In fact, a work in progress wheel can be seen at the 0:40 mark in the trailer on Youtube. The wheel not only includes weapons but it also has slots for special abilities and useful help from friends the player will no doubt have made acquaintances during their playthrough.

    Will you be picking up Mafia 3 once it launches on October 7?

  • Fallout 4 Player Pits 1000 Deathclaws Against the Brotherhood of Steel

    fallout 4 1000 deathclaws

    Fallout 4 is absolutely huge - it's definitely going to take a good hundred hours to squeeze all of it's worth out of it, at least for me, that is anyway. For others, perhaps a 1,000 hours would be enough. I say 1,000 hours because some players are already taking Fallout 4 to new extremes.

    One YouTuber user and Fallout fan has managed to use the PC developer console to create an epic battle within Fallout 4. In the battle, which has been recorded and published to YouTube, 1,000 deathclaws are put up against 100 knights of the Brotherhood of Steel.

    You may think the battle will be awfully one sided, but it's incredibly surprising how overpowered the Brotherhood of Steel knights actually are. I mean, we always knew they were overpowered, but could one knight really take out 10 deathclaws? Well, in the YouTube video you'll see that the end results are pretty close.

    Some pretty hilarious things happen during the battle as well, including Deathclaws being thrown into the air. Like, really far into the air.

    The creator of the YouTube video also put a bunch of other Fallout 4 species into an arena, including Myrelurks, Deathclaws and many mutants. Once again, the Brotherhood of Steel are the most powerful of the bunch but the battle is pretty even all the way through, as well as incredibly hectic.

  • Huge Xbox One Spring Sale Begins

    xbox one spring salesA giant Spring sale has just gone live for the Xbox and it includes deals for movies, games, TV and season passes for both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

    There may be different deals depending on your region, but there are major sales going in the United Kingdom and the United States right now.

    On top of the great digital sales, which will be held throughout the week, there is a brand new special trade-in offer that will allow Xbox 360 owners to trade in their console with a 250GB hard drive for a $125 off coupon for an Xbox One at Gamestop.

    Pool Nation FX has also gone live as a free Games with Gold title on the Xbox One, along with Child of Light and Rayman Legends. Over on the Xbox 360 Gears of War Judgement and Terraria are available for free this month. Usually only three games are available each month through the Games with Gold program but this month five games are up for grabs as a way of celebrating the Xbox's most recent success.

    In other news, Microsoft posted a new video to their Xbox Youtube channel that shows off launch events for Gears of War 3 that were held across the world. It was a bit odd for Microsoft to upload a video like that now, and many are assuming that a brand new Gears of War remaster may be coming. Could this latest video be some sort of hint towards a new Xbox One Gears of War game?

  • YouTube Set to Acquire Twitch for $1 Billion

    Youtube Buys Twitch

    Over the past year, Twitch has transformed from a niche video game streaming community to a huge platform that hosts hundred's of thousands of viewers worldwide. Twitch now takes up a huge portion of the world’s internet traffic, and it's certainly turned a few heads.

    Some of those heads are the owners of big internet companies like Facebook and Google, and these companies are renowned for spending big on other businesses to buy out their own competition.

    It was inevitable really, but rumors suggest that YouTube is planning to acquire Twitch for a massive $1 billion, all in cash. For the small home-grown Twitch team, this is an offer that's going to be hard to turn down, so it's very likely that the internet's favorite video game streaming service will soon be handed over to YouTube.

    For a lot of gamers, this news comes as quite a shock - Youtube is already renowned for being incredibly strict on the content video game broadcasters can submit to their channels, and if these same rules move over to Twitch, it could potentially put a lot of streamers out of business, or certainly make their streaming lives a little bit harder.

    YouTube's acquisition of Twitch could also be bad for the average viewer, too. If YouTube decide to integrate their Google+ account system into Twitch, then the overall chat experience could be watered down a little.

    What are your thoughts on this? Would you be happy to see YouTube acquire Twitch, or would you prefer it if Twitch refused the $1 billion offer?

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