Blood Red Evil Sticks

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This Item includes:
Torx-8 Tool
Blood Red Evil Sticks

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Evil Controllers Performance Thumbsticks are every gamer's dream. Whether you are playing a first-person shooter, sports game, or any other type of game, our custom Evil thumbsticks will significantly enhance your gameplay.

Our sticks are a 360/PS3 hybrid, taking the best of both worlds and combining them into one. By reducing the height of the stick and adding the convex top, accuracy and control improves significantly. Gamers notice the difference immediately. The convex design allows you to aim from the center, rather than pushing on the sides of the analog stick to make slight subtle movements. Durability is important, as the non-slip texture will prevent thumb slippage while you game for countless hours.

Includes a Torx-8 Tool, this tool can be found on our site right here.