Xbox 360 Evil D-Pad Controller with Sensitive Triggers

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Comes with our Evil D-pad, a better designed pad with 4 individual buttons. It also allows you to to pull the trigger faster with our Sensitive Triggers installed. Sensitive Triggers require less pull to input trigger functions.

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An Official Xbox 360 Controller Installed with our very own Evil Dpad and Sensitized Triggers.

What's the benefit of the Evil Dpad?

  • Individual buttons for accurate presses
  • Immediate noticeable difference in game-play
  • Navigate through game menus without frustration


What's the benefit of sensitizing the triggers?

  • Faster trigger response time, at least 2x faster than the standard triggers
  • Allows you to shoot very quickly, similar to rapid fire but done manually.
  • Triggers have less tension and feel more comfortable overall