Available for: Xbox 360

Auto Reload + Rapid Fire: Program your Gears of War 3 mod layout to include these features and simply hold the right trigger for perfect reloads and incredibly fast rapid fire for the Hammerburst and Pistol.

Compatible Games:
Gears of War 3

Compatible Weapons:
Snub Pistol

Available on the following controllers:
Master Mod®

 Auto Reload + Rapid Fire Video

Auto Reload + Rapid Fire Mod Activation:
*You must first enter Gears of War 3 Mode on your controller* (Back Button + Right Bumper) 3rd and 4th Quadrant will Flash
Automatically active once you've equipped your weapons to the appropriate slots.

Every Weapon has different reload times and locations on the D-Pad, so we must assign the proper weapon depending on what you’re using. With this controller you can actually assign a weapon to any D-Pad direction allowing you to play as normal, but with our Active Reload Advantage.

Program Your Gun Layout:
(D-Pad Direction + LB (#) of times = Weapon Selection)
(D-Pad Direction + Y (#) of times = Special Weapon Selection)

D-Pad Left + Left Bumper x (# of Times)
3.Sawed-Off w/ Auto Swap

D-Pad Right + Left Bumper x (# of Times)
2.Retro Lancer
3.Hammerburst Casual Mode
4.Hammerburst Ranked/Private/Horde Mode
5.Gnasher Hardcore Mode

D-Pad Down + Left Bumper x (# of Times)
1.Snub Pistol w/ Auto-Reload + Rapid Fire
2.Snub/Boltok Pistol
3.Gorgon Pistol
4.Snub Pistol Hardcore Mode

D-Pad Left or Right + Y Button x (# of Times)
3.Torque Bow
6.One Shot*

*One Shot slot selection should be done before picking up the weapon, otherwise it will drop to the floor. The controller will however remember what your previous weapon setting was after you drop the one shot and push the proper D-Pad Direction.