Available for: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Auto Burst: This mod removes the lag between burst fire to transform your burst weapons into fully automatic weapons. The mod may also be referred to as the Jitter Mod.

Compatible Games:
Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Black Ops, Call of Duty 4

Available on the following controllers:
Master Mod®

Xbox 360 Controllers

Auto Burst Activation:
Master Mod® v3
Adjustable v3 with Black Ops 2 Mods:
Adjustable v2.3 with MW3/BF3 Mods: Hold RT+ Back button 15 times for Auto Burst Slot
Master Mod®: While in a slot Hold Left D-pad+ Tap A

Compatible Weapons:
Black Ops: M16, G11, SPAS-12, HS10
MW2: FAMAS, M16A4, M93 Raffica
Call of Duty 4: M16A

PlayStation 3 Controller

PS3 Master Mod® v3:
Enter a Class by holding Down on the D-Pad
Enter a Slot by holding Up on the D-Pad
Once you are in a Class and Slot, Hold Left D-Pad and Hold Triangle until Player 3 LED Flashes Yellow once.
Each additional Yellow flash is a separate Auto Burst Mode.