Evil Bling - Million Dollar Xbox 360 Controller

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This Gold plated and Diamond encrusted controller features: 

Gold Plated Thumbsticks, D-pad, Bumpers and Triggers

Peridot, Blue Topaz, Citrine, and Ruby A,B,X,Y Buttons

With your choice of an Unobtanium or Gold Guide button


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This controller is the ultimate in Xbox gaming luxury. Your thumbs will thank you when they are manuvering flawlessly with solid 14k gold plated thumb-sticks and tapping those precious stone A,B,X,Y buttons. Killing noobs in Call of Duty will never feel as good as with a controller encrusted in diamonds.

Please allow 3-5 years for production and an additional 2-3 business days for shipping.

This product was created in April 2011 for April Fools' Day, If you are looking to create a legitimate Xbox 360 controller for $1 Million dollars, let us know, we can make it happen.