PS4 Soft Touch Lefty Controller

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Accessible Gaming

Evil Controllers has made hundreds of custom Accessible Controllers for over 11 years. With the help of the gaming community, we can make gaming possible for everyone.
Left Handed Controller
One Handed controllers provide inputs in accessible locations on the controller to be operated by the users Left Hand.
Additional Paddles & Buttons
Use extra Paddles and Buttons to make the controller functional with one hand.
Thumbstick Extension
Physically move the thumbstick to another position on your body that has mobility.
Remapping Technology
Remap any input on the controller to the 3 extra paddles and buttons. Swap Directional Pad, Shape Buttons, and Triggers.
Other Features?
Read Below to learn more about what we offer.
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Accessible Gaming

Evil Controllers has been custom making Accessible Controllers for over 11 years. We have made hundreds of controllers and continually advance our offering and skill-sets for gamers with limited mobility. With the help of the gaming community, we can make gaming possible for everyone. This One Handed Playstation 4 Controller is designed specifically for a Left Handed gamer. The concept is to relocate buttons to locations that are accessible by the Left Hand. We achieve this in our design by remapping necessary inputs to other locations, while also providing the ability to extend the thumbstick to a small housing.

Paddle Design

We’ve incorporated our Shift Paddles into our design, allowing the user to press two additional inputs with their Middle and Ring Finger. This paddles are remappable and can bind any input to them, however we recommend binding R2 and R1 to the paddles. By relocating these buttons, you can operate the most important inputs on the controller with just your left hand. We’ve also added a remappable button to the surface of the controller near the handle. This design allows you to press an additional button with just your palm, maximizing your inputs with one hand.

Thumbstick Extension

We also offer the ability to extend the Right Thumbstick to a small housing. This allows the user to customize their gaming setup further by physically moving the thumbstick to more ideal locations. While not every gamer needs this, the gamers that do find this feature as a necessity. Imagine being able to use your arm, shoulder, face, chin, foot, or any limb to operate the additional thumbstick. With this extension, you can play any game since both thumbsticks can be used simultaneously.

Remapping Technology

We offer the ability to remap any input to the 3 additional inputs added to your controller. This is recommended for customization, however it is not necessary for game play. If this option is not selected, we will dedicate the 2 paddles and 1 button to the necessary inputs of R1, R2, and R3 (thumbstick click). We also recommend swapping your Directional Pad and Shape buttons to make the controller more playable. You can even swap L2 and R2 so that you can pull the trigger in most games with your left index finger. This information is provided with the controller.

Master Mod

This game enhancement feature evens the playing field, helping you play better with mods like Rapid Fire and Drop-shot, along with several others. Compatible with all game types and encouraged for Shooting series like Call of Duty, Battlefield, PUBG, and more!

Remove Rumbles

The One Handed design features only one rumble motor in the controller, opposite of the Shift Paddles. This vibration can be removed, providing a lighter controller that is easier to hold with one hand. If you do not care of the vibration feedback, we recommend removing the rumbles to reduce the controller weight.

Processing times

Accessible Controllers are hand-made by our skilled technicians and require additional time for production. Due to the complexity of the designs, the processing times can vary from 1-3 weeks. Please note we do our best to exceed these timelines and create your controller in less than 7 days, however it may vary depending on current volume.

Spread the Word!

Thousands of gamers with limited mobility do not know about accessible controllers. We need your help in spreading the word. Each accessible controller is a step further to bringing awareness to accessible gaming. At times an accessible controller can be life changing. Please help us make gaming accessible to everyone. Share our story, engage in social media, and please watch our product videos to learn more. Watch some of our accessible demonstrations at