Soft Touch Series Xbox One

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Master Mod

The Master Mod enhances your controllers software to mod gameplay and is therefore not tournament legal.

Featuring mods like Adjustable Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Tactical Rapid Fire, Auto-Aim, Auto-Run, Fast Reload, Auto-Scope, Auto-Spot, and more!

Compatible with Series like Call of Duty - PUBG - Battlefield - Rainbow Six - Destiny - GTA - GOW - Borderlands and more.

Shift Features

The Evil Shift eSports design integrates 4 extra inputs that allow you to maintain thumb-stick control for performance play.

Shift Remapping

Remap any input on the controller to any Shift. Takes under 3 seconds to remap - no tools required. Save 15 custom profile layouts.

Hairpin Triggers

Fire Faster with 50% reduction in tension. Full range of motion for 100% game compatibility.

Warranty & Returns

Orders include a 90 day warranty, covering all Parts, Labor, and Firmware Updates. Additional protection available for 1-2 years. Returns available within 7 days of purchase.