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Standard Processing Time: 2 to 6 Business Days
Add Rush Delivery to Your Order: 1 to 2 Business Days

Note: Adding Evil ID, Graphics or Splatter adds an aditional 2-3 Business days to order time.

Ordering From Evil

Once you place your order from Evil Controllers you can have the peace of mind that you will receive the best available product. Evil Controllers uses automotive quality paint and finishes to give every controller a shimmer that can't be beat anywhere else.

Our Controllers come with a default warranty of six months which is 3 months more than the industry standard set by Microsoft and Sony.

Our Mods have a reputation for being the most reliable and for offering the fastest rates of rapid fire.
Order now and join the Evil Family!

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To track your order, please enter your tracking number below. If you DO NOT have a tracking number, your order has not been shipped yet. Please be patient. Our build times vary from 3-11 business days. You will be provided with a tracking number when your order is completed and shipped. Your tracking number will be a 22 digit number.
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