Accessible Flight Stick

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Evil Controllers Accessible Division is proud to offer a large variety of accessible gaming products, all tailored and hand modified for an individual's needs. The purpose of this product is to showcase what we’ve done before, while providing a concept that may be adaptable to you. If you need an accessible controller of any kind and/or have any limitations in gaming, please inquire here.

What is Evil Controllers Accessible Gaming Division?

We have been making accessible gaming devices for over 15 years. We specialize in the assessment of the body's range of motion and then we apply our knowledge and previous experiences to tailor make a controller specific to the gamer's needs. Sometimes a design can simply be a modified controller with additional buttons and inputs, or it can even be transformed into a box, like an arcade-style controller. After understanding the user's range of motion and strength, we can relocate inputs, enlarge or reduce the size of these buttons, change the sensitivity required to press it, or even a hybrid of designs. 

We believe there should be no gamer left behind and all should be able to participate in their gaming communities without judgment or disadvantages. Our Evil Technicians are experienced in custom controllers and are pioneers behind the innovation for accessible gaming. We are passionate about full inclusion for gamers and believe that each controller, each story, truly makes a difference in gamers' and families’ day-to-day lives. The social connection and enjoyment experienced in a range of games is a proven need and we are here to make accessible gaming a commonly known thing. We rely on the community to help spread the word as many gamers do not realize there is an opportunity to game or game more enjoyably, regardless of their limitations, disabilities, or disease. 

What is this product?

This is a modified Logitech Joystick Extreme 3D Pro, custom-made to work with the Playstation 4 console. Originally this was a PC only product, but our team tore it apart and rebuilt it so it would work with the PS4. This can be done for any gaming console, not only the PS4. 

What are the limitations of the gamer?

The gamer is an amputee of their left arm. The flight stick has limitations in its designs and button placement, therefore it needed further modification.

Details of the modifications


  • The flight stick’s shaft movement functions as the left thumbstick. We also added the right thumbstick to the top of the flight stick, allowing the gamer to use one hand to control both directional inputs simultaneously. This can be rearranged in any manner for the gamers needs. 

Button Inputs

  • We added extra button inputs to the flight stick so that the gamer has access to every input needed. Every button you see on the joystick is functional with the purpose of mimicking all of the inputs on the Playstation 4 controller. These can be arranged in nearly any location and can vary in size from very small, to medium, or to very large. The sensitivity of the buttons can also be reduced or improved, such as for limited strength.

Tethered PS4 Controller

  • We integrated a fully functional PS4 controller to the design, allowing the device to be used on PC or the Playstation 4 console. While this device is now fully functional for the gamer independently, there is also an additional benefit to this design. By having a tethered controller to the flight stick, a friend or family member could also use this controller while the gamer uses the flight stick. This is known as co-pilot on Xbox (allowing two controllers to function as one, primarily for accessible gaming). Imagine controlling the character in a game with 2 people, so one could operate the directional movement and the other can press buttons to assist the gamer.

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