Nintendo Switch One-Handed Pro Controller

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One Handed Controller
One-Handed controllers move inputs that are in inaccessible locations on the controller to the opposite side of the controller so they can be accessed via the user's dominant hand.
Additional Paddles & Buttons
Use extra Buttons to make the controller functional with one hand.
Thumbstick Extension
Physically move the thumbstick to another position on your body that has mobility.
Additional Buttons

2 Buttons are added to the back handle of the controller.

If you select a Left-Handed Controller the following 2 buttons will be added to the back of the left handle. R and ZR. The Right thumbstick click will also be relocated to the front of the left handle.

If you select a Right-Handed Controller the following 2 buttons will be added to the back of the Right handle. L and ZL. The Left thumbstick click will also be relocated to the front of the Right handle.

D-Pad and ABXY Swap

This is a permanent alteration to the controller hardware. The D-Pad will now correspond as the ABXY inputs and ABXY buttons will now correspond to the d-pad inputs. This is only recommended for gamers that plan to use primarily their left hand and cannot easily access the inputs on the right side of the controller.

Accessible Gaming

Evil Controllers has been custom making Accessible Controllers for over 11 years. We have made hundreds of controllers and continually advance our offering and skill-sets for gamers with limited mobility. With the help of the gaming community, we can make gaming possible for everyone.

This One-Handed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is designed specifically for a One-Handed gamer. The concept is to relocate buttons to locations that are accessible to your dominant hand. We achieve this in our design by remapping necessary inputs to other locations, while also providing the ability to extend the thumbstick to a small housing.

Processing times

Accessible Controllers are hand-made by our skilled technicians and require additional time for production. Due to the complexity of the designs, the processing times can vary from 2-4 weeks. Please note we do our best to exceed these timelines and create your controller in less than 7 days, however it may vary depending on current volume.

Spread the Word!

Thousands of gamers with limited mobility do not know about accessible controllers. We need your help in spreading the word. Each accessible controller is a step further in bringing awareness to accessible gaming. At times an accessible controller can be life-changing. Please help us make gaming accessible to everyone. Share our story, engage in social media, and please watch our product videos to learn more. Watch some of our accessible demonstrations at www.youtube.com/evilcontrollers

Please Note: Accessible orders are custom products tailored for gamers with specific mobility and are not refundable. Of course, if a controller needs some slight modifications or adjustments to improve the experience, we will be happy to assist you post-purchase. However, the item is not refundable.