PS4 + PC One-Handed Custom Controller


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PS4 One-Handed Custom Controller

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+ No Remapping - Paddles will default to either L1/L2 or R1/R2, depending on the model chosen.
+ Remapping- Allows you to remap any input on the controller to your paddles.

Extension Type
+ Flat Base - This housing has a flat surface on the underside, allowing you to easily mount it with velcro or adhesives.
+ Handle Base - This housing has a recessed surface, designed to fit the underside of the PS4 controller. Allows you to use the controller entirely with one hand.
+ Flat & Handle Base - This gives you both the Flat base and the Handle base, so that you can modify your gaming setup as desired.

Thumbstick Extension
Some are unable to access the 2nd thumbstick on the controller, so designed an extension with its own housing. This allows the user to customize their gaming setup further by physically moving the thumbstick to more ideal locations. While not every gamer needs this, the gamers that do find this feature as a necessity. Imagine being able to use your arm, shoulder, face, chin, foot, or any limb to operate the additional thumbstick. With this extension, you can play any game since both thumbsticks can be used simultaneously.

Thumbstick Direction
When using the flat extension, UP=UP, DOWN=DOWN, LEFT=LEFT, and RIGHT=RIGHT. However, the Handle extension is mounted underneath the controller. This reverses the directions as, UP=DOWN, DOWN=UP, LEFT=RIGHT, & RIGHT=LEFT. If another direction is required, please let us know so we can modify the default directions.

Shift Paddles
We’ve incorporated our Shift Paddles into our design, allowing the user to press two additional inputs with their Middle and Ring Finger. By utilizing these paddles, you can operate the most important inputs on the controller with just one hand. This design also features a paddle on the faceplate of the controller. This is designed to press the thumbstick click, which can now be down with just your palm.

Shift Remapping
Reassign your Shift Paddles to other functions without the use of software or tools. While not necessary for gameplay, it does provide convenience in paddle reassignment.
If no Remapping is selected, we will dedicate the 2 paddles and 1 faceplate paddle to R1, R2, and R3 (for Left Handed) or L1, L2, L3 (for Right Handed).

Master Mod
+ Enhance gameplay with macros
+ Compatible with Game Titles: Call of Duty, PUBG, APEX, Battlefield, Destiny, and all shooters
+ Features: Rapid Fire (Adjustable/Akimbo/Tactical), Drop Shot, Fast Reload, Auto Scope, Auto Run, Auto Spot, Auto Aim (Zombies Only).

Spread the Word!
Thousands of gamers with limited mobility do not know about accessible controllers. We need your help in spreading the word. Each accessible controller is a step further in bringing awareness to accessible gaming. At times an accessible controller can be life-changing. Please help us make gaming accessible to everyone.
Share our story, engage in social media, and #PlayEVIL.
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