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  1. PS4 Evil Shift Fortnite Edition

    Evil Shift Fortnite Controller

    Made exclusively for Fortnite using our Evil Shift Paddles Design. Includes 3 features Fast Build, Weapon Hotkey, and 4 remappable paddles.
    Build any structure instantly. Automated macro makes building as easy as pressing a button.
    Hotkey weapons and bind them to 2 paddles. Makes swapping between shotgun and rifle instant, bypassing animation time with a macro.
    Remap any input on the controller to the paddles.

    SHIFT Paddles are not compatible with Rumble Motors. This product does not include Rumble Motors

    Includes mods like Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, and Auto-Scope. Compatible with all shooters including Call of Duty, Battlefield, PUBG, and more...

  2. Urban Series PS4
  3. Splash Series PS4

    Master Mod

    The Master Mod enhances your controllers software to mod gameplay and is therefore not tournament legal.

    Featuring mods like Adjustable Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Tactical Rapid Fire, Auto-Aim, Auto-Run, Fast Reload, Auto-Scope, Auto-Spot, and more!

    Compatible with Series like Call of Duty - PUBG - Battlefield - Rainbow Six - Destiny - GTA - GOW - Borderlands and more.

    Shift Features

    The Evil Shift eSports design integrates 4 extra inputs that allow you to maintain thumb-stick control for performance play.

    Shift Remapping

    Remap any input on the controller to any Shift. Takes under 3 seconds to remap - no tools required. Save 15 custom profile layouts.

    Warranty & Returns

    Orders include a 90 day warranty, covering all Parts, Labor, and Firmware Updates. Additional protection available for 1-2 years. Returns available within 7 days of purchase.
  4. PS4 One-Handed Controller
    One Handed Controller
    One-Handed controllers move inputs that are in inaccessible locations on the controller to the opposite side of the controller so they can be accessed via the user's dominate hand.
    Additional Paddles & Buttons
    Use extra Paddles and Buttons to make the controller functional with one hand.
    Thumbstick Extension
    Physically move the thumbstick to another position on your body that has mobility. Use our Handle Attachment to use both thumbsticks with one hand.
    Remapping Technology
    Remap any input on the controller to the 3 extra paddles and buttons.

  5. Nightmare Series PS4
  6. Pro Splatter Series PS4
  7. PS4 Master Mod® Blackout Edition
    The Master Mod Includes:

    Rapid Fire
    Adjustable Rapid Fire
    Left Trigger Rapid Fire
    Akimbo Rapid Fire
    Drop Shot
    Fast Reload
    Auto Scope
    Auto Run
    Auto Spot *Battlefield Only*

    This product is made to order, standard processing times apply.

7 Products
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