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  1. XAC Handle Base Thumbstick Extension 3.5mm

    Compatible with the Microsoft Xbox One Adaptive Controller (XAC)

    We created a unique attachment to the handle of the controller. With this housing, you can easily secure the thumb-stick to the underside of the controller. This allows you to operate both thumbsticks by using only your Right Hand or just your Left Hand. The handle base includes an adhesive to attach the handle base to one of your controllers.

  2. XAC Thumbstick 3.5mm

    What is a thumbstick extension?

    Our Thumbstick Extension gives you freedom to place the thumbstick in any functional position for your mobility needs.

    How does it work?

    Plug your thumbstick in and play! Use the 3.5mm jack labeled "X1" for Left Thumbstick Movement and "X2" for the Right Thumbstick Movement.

    Can I use the 3.5mm plug in my XAC, instead of the USB?

    Yes, both the 3.5mm and USB is compatible with the XAC.

    What is the Handle Mount for?

    This mount allows you to easily secure the thumbstick to the underside of the Xbox One Controller. This can provide many benefits, such as allowing you to use co-pilot to operate the controller while having the modular thumbstick secured below the controller. The mount is compatible for the both the Left and Right handles of the controller.

    Compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller
  3. XAC String Switch

    String Switch

    Adapt your gaming setup to your gaming preference. Designed specifically for the Xbox Accessible Controller. Pulling the string will provide an audible click and smooth tactile feedback. Requiring only 1.5-oz/43g of activation force. The Paracord string will never fray or deteriorate.

  4. XONE One-Handed Controller
    Left Handed Controller
    One Handed controllers provide inputs in accessible locations on the controller to be operated by one hand.
    Additional Paddles & Buttons
    Use extra Paddles and Buttons to make the controller functional with one hand.
    Thumbstick Extension
    Physically move the thumbstick to another position on your body that has mobility. Use our Handle Attachment to use both thumbsticks with one hand.
    Remapping Technology
    Remap any input on the controller to the 3 extra paddles and buttons.

  5. Xbox One Light Weight Controller

    Accessible Gaming

    Evil Controllers has made hundreds of custom Accessible Controllers for over 11 years. With the help of the gaming community, we can make gaming possible for everyone.
    Lightweight Controller
    Our Lightweight controller features sensitive features for all inputs on the controller. Reduce fatigue and weight so you can play more.
    Sensitive Buttons & Dpad
    Reduce the force required for these inputs by adding tactile switches, requiring only 2 nanograms of force and 0.3mm of travel distance.
    Thumbstick Tension & Click
    Reduce the physical tension in the thumb-stick so it’s easier to move and press.
    Hairpin Triggers & Bumpers
    Reduce the force required for these inputs by adding tactile switches, requiring only 2 nanograms of force.
    Other Features?
    Read Below to learn more about what we offer.

    Please Note: Accessible orders are custom products tailored for gamers with specific mobility and are not refundable. Of course, if a controller needs some slight modifications or adjustments to improve the experience, we will be happy to assist you post-purchase. However, the item is not refundable.
5 Products
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