Customer Testimonials

- J Clarke.

Hey there, So i just got my controller today and it is unreal, you guys did an amazing job, it works great, feels great, and looks great. Bravo to you all for this amazing product, you have earned yourself another customer because i will 100% be ordering more controllers

- Atwell H.

I only ordered day before yesterday and my controller was shipped today. FANTASTIC. I am happy, brand X never replied to my inquiries. I feel much smarter for choosing Evil. Thanks for your patience with all my questions. I am going to post everywhere with pics to advertise your product and service. Will order a hat soon, lol. 

- Eric S.

You are the best site I have been to. It's usually a pain to get in touch with people, you offer it right off the bat. Microsoft could learn a lesson from you. XD

- David B.

Just wanted to drop a note saying that I am enjoying the new controller. My only regret is that I didn't purchase one sooner.

I've got two people interested in purchasing a controller and working on a third. It's tough though, part of me wants to keep this a secret so I can enjoy my advantage. However, I can't help but to spread the word to my friends so that they can also improve their gaming experience.

Thanks again for a quality product and experience!

- Matthew Crocker

Hi, I am just writing to say how much I love my new controller I bought from you, it does a great job. I was so thankful that you upgraded me for free to the stealth adjustable V2.2, it made my day. I am definitely going to recommend Evil Controllers to all my friends. Thanks a lot for the great controller and the upgrade :)

- Aidan

Purchased an Evil Controller last week, have had nothing but flawless customer support from Carlos and the rest of the team at Evil Controllers, from creating my order to shipping and tracking via DHL customer support has been there the whole way to see this through. Controllers are durable and a pleasure to look at. This is a great purchase if not for the mods but just the aesthetic pleasure having this can bring.

Well worth the price and a purchase I am pleased to have made.

- Bryan

Just wanted to say I am extremely satisfied and I will be buying from you all again! Hands down the best mods!! Thanks a lot!!

- Hassaan N

I'd just like to contact you to say a very big thank you for choosing me as the winner of the Boosters Hotline and Evil Controller Video Competition, you have no idea how much I appreciate it! I'll definitely shout you out on my youtube like optic does! Shame I only have 1.1k subscribers. Hope to do more work with you in the future. If I ever manage to get a HD PVR , it should make my channel grow even more as well! :)

Just like to say thanks again!

- Anthony Guzzi

Comment: I would just like to say that I called your company, and spoke with a lady named Amanda, who gave me the best customer care ever!! I told her that I previously purchased a modded controller from a competitor, who I was told had really good modded controllers! I spent $150 Dollars on a controller that shut off on its own , the mod skipped constantly and was not very responsive. So I sent the controller back. I told Amanda when I get my money back I will be purchasing a universal auto burst controller from you guys. Although I still feel stupid for making a dumb purchase, Amanda with her beautiful voice made me feel much better about the situation. So thank you Amanda and thanks Evil controllers for the customer service!!

- Kemo S

I'm waiting for my controller to return from (another) patch for Call of Duty. I can see how I will have the cost of a new controller just in these temporary fixes. You guys are the innovators and every one borrows your ideas. Why not look into borrowing some good ideas from other shops. Looks like you did with "auto burst". Two other items should be downloadable fixes through your computer and no left thumb stick sniper such as with the V 360 and other shops. Your bottom line will love you. Tell everyone this is what your users want, demand, beg for!

- Tim G

Comment: Just wanted to commend you as a company. You stand for excellence is astonishing. I have purchased quite a few controllers from you. Honestly I buy standard controllers with Evil Sticks and a ring color change. I don't buy controllers anywhere else. Your efforts to assist the handicapped in the enjoyment of video games is so amazing too. Expect my next response to have a picture of your logo tattooed on me. That is how great I think you guys are.

Keep up the great work!

- Robert K

Comment: Just got my Evil Controller in the mail and it looks sweet! Better condition then the controller I got new from a nationwide chain store. Black paint and Evil Sticks are really nice.

Thanks for the awesome controller!!

- Darrin and Jaime B

Just wanted to let you know we received Dylan's controller in the mail today and his world became a happier place! He was on that controller faster than I could get it out of the box and re-map the buttons. Everything is perfect! Thank you soooo much!

I am sending a picture of Dylan playing with the controller before you fixed it up, but it really doesn't do it justice. My husband mounted the controller to a tray much better than it is here and your modifications really cleaned it up. I will take some better pics tomorrow and take another video to upload to face-book. After looking at the video again tonight (I took a while back), I decided it would be better to take another. Thanks again for all you do. You have made my son sooo happy!!

- Matthew A

Comment: I talked to Amanda earlier about exchanging my universal rapid fire standard controller for the auto burst. She told me to send the controller back with $15 and that I don't need to worry about the rest of the cost (Shipping on the way back). She explained everything perfectly and I can't wait until I get my new controller! Thanks Amanda!

- Betty W

I want to thank you so much for this information. This is the easiest online deal I have ever done and it's all thanks to you. Again, I want to thank so very much.

- Jone D

Evil Controllers is the best place to buy modded controllers. I have bought from 3 other popular sites and Evil Controllers is by far the best one.
I have bought 3 Master mods from Evil Controllers in the past 2 1/2 weeks and all 3 came in TOP QUALITY.
Reasons why I love EVIL CONTROLLER better than other popular sites.
- Super Fast shipping!
- Controllers come in the best quality. (No dents,scratches,used parts ,glitter,bad shells.)
- They ship in their small custom boxes. (Doesn't move around when being shipped.)
- Online chat to Answer any Questions.
- Tracking number
- Many Many More.....................
I Play Gears of War 2 !
So its super fast to turn on/off the rapid fire and active reload, way under 1/2 sec.
I love the Evil D-Pad And Evil Sticks,they work better than the original.

- Christian Y.S Sophie,

Sorry, I meant to email you back to let you know that seemed to do the trick. ...well, let me put it this way.....I passed your information on to my son and he's been using AA's since and he hasn't been complaining of that problem. So, I have assumed your info was good. I am, and he is, very satisfied with that Evil Controller. He even talked his friend's dad into getting his friend one..."cause they were so awesome."

Again, I really wanted to thank you and let you know that your info worked.

Thank you!

- Susie R

Thank you again! It seemed that my boyfriend talked to you guys this morning and he was pleased with the customer service :)

Have a great weekend!

- Michael J

Just writing to let you know that the Master Mod and Tiger Woods controllers are awesome! Great job and I'll be looking forward to buying products from you in the future.

- Nigel Moxon

Hi Sophie

Got my controller this morning, thank you! It's amazing! Thank you for all your help. My first Evil Controller is one of many to come.

- Dan N

Thanks for updating my mod for me! It runs perfectly now with every game I have. You guys make the best mods and I have recommended you to all of my friends! They all ask me where I got the nasty mod from and I always love telling them EVIL CONTROLLERS MAN!!

You guys are awesome and thanks again!!

- Benton R

That is why I love Evil Controllers support team. You always seem to answer the questions that I meant to ask. Thank you so much for your help, Sophia. Have a great day.

- Kye W

Love it! The Evil D-Pad and Evil Sticks make it the perfect controller. Every Xbox 360 Controller should be like this. Awesome product! Thank you!

- Marc K

I just wanted to email you and tell you how I received my Evil Controller.

I started looking on the net for a modded Xbox controller. My game is normally Medal Of Honor but I play a lot of First Person Shooters. When searching and looking for videos of the controllers being used I continued to come across a different company company. I thought to myself, "well I see lots of competitor videos all over the tube, they must be the go to people." I went on the other company's site and ordered my controller. About a week later I called their number, from my receipt to check on my order. No answer, straight to voice mail, hmm thats not good. So I sent them an email. After waiting another 3 days for a reply to check on my order, which was at about 10 days now I started looking at how to contact them. They are on Skype, so I hit them up, asking about my order. The guy from the other company gets back to me and tells me that I didn't order the controller and they are waiting for me to send in mine. So, I must have screwed up when ordering some how. So I ask the guy over Skype to assist me in adding a controller to my order. Nope, he will not help, but asks me to go and order a controller from their site and put a note that this is the same order. I don't feel that was the best idea, also my order contained several options that I didn't need, but still got because I assumed I ordered a controller also and that was a package deal.

NOPE, just order a new controller from us and we will take care of it.

Okay, so cancel my order and I will go through the process again online and get what I need.. right?

NOPE, they will not cancel my order saying it "takes to much time to do."

I hate poor customer service, and hate being jerked around even more, so I canceled my CC order with the other company and went back to their site and re-ordered, making sure to get a controller with it this time.

I wait another 7 days and finally it is here. Ok, take it out of the box and WTF it is used!! There was crud all over the controller, under the thumb sticks (not under the cover, but under the actual thumb stick when you move it to the left or right). there is crud in all of the LB/RB/LT/RT buttons. I am blown away that the competitor would send me a used controller after making me pay for and selling me a new one. But, since I finally have it here let me clean it and try it out.

Guess what, left thumb stick is not responding? That's nice, not only was it used but broken also.

What about the rapid fire? NOPE, will not engage. not working at all.

So I fire off a email to the other company and wait. Two days later, no reply. No answer about selling me a used POS and calling it new, and charging me for a new one.

Contact them on Skype again, the other company says "send it back bro, we will fix it." What about the fact that it is used? Will you send me back a new one this time? No reply. What about your customer service number? It isn't working can I call you and explain? NOPE, just type, no calling me I'm to busy. NICE!!

So I send it back to them on my dime.

When it is in transit, I am so pissed about the situation that my brother and I start looking at Evil Controllers.Evil doesn't say that it works with Medal Of Honor, and you don't even have a thousand videos on youtube up when you search.

So I decided to try and call up Evil and see if it was a actual business and guess what? You answered the phone!! Amazing!

So I explained my game and what I was looking for and I was able to order it over the phone, 1,2,3 with a human on the other end, and a nice one at that!! What a concept!!.

Got my controller 3 days later and it is new, and works!

It even worked great!!.

The reason I am taking the time to send you this long email is because I didn't think it could happen to me. I have heard some stories about people getting used controllers from the competitor, but I thought that must be BS as they would not be in business long if they worked like that. BUT, they are, and they sell people used parts, that don't work, and they apparently don't bother to clean before shipping them out.

One last thing, the competitor's emails me back after having my controller for a few days and asks me why did I remove the "don't remove or you will void your warranty sticker" (which i have never seen). I told them that I never touched it. They get back to me that I said there was crud under the thumb stick, UNDER the thumb stick as in you removed the cover and went under the thumb sticks and voided your warranty. "You admitted that bro, But, don't worry about it bro, even though you screwed up and voided this thing we are still going to be nice and fix it for you," they said.

I tell them to cancel my order. he emails me back and said no, they will not cancel it. WILL NOT..

Wow, they will not cancel it, but you know who will, American express. That's who..

Sad story that I am sure will be repeated in the future with chumps like the the other company's crew working feverishly out of someones mom's garage.

But hopefully others will not get screwed over by the competitor and will come on board with Evil Controllers for the win..

BTW, your D-Pad button version is awesome and shows that you are a serious company. I doubt that competitor would lend them the money to make the tooling and molds for that..

- Mitch C

Okay thank you, I was thinking about another competitor, but I just thought evil controllers was a friendlier company with more values! Thank you you have been a great help, and I think I'm going to go with the Master Mod!

- Eduardo A

Thank you Evil Controllers, the controller I ordered is badass! I hope I can order from you in the future. When MW3 come out .


- Brandon

When it says assembly required for the xcm chrome red controller if I chose shell only does that mean I have to solder a lot of wires or a few let me know. By the way your prices are way more fair than a specific competitor so glad I found you guys.

- Marcus K

Hi Sophie,

Just a few hours after writing you that email the adapter was already delivered! That's absolutely fantastic and extremely fast - thanks for that!!

- Dylan M

You guys are the best, thanks for the best controller I have ever had!!!

- Adam Miller

Thank you very much! I love the company you work for and all that you do for disabled gamers. Keep up the great work.