Evil Vision presents the greatest Xbox 360 controller ever, featuring our revolutionary new Backplate! Why is the Evil Backplate the greatest thing to happen to the Xbox? Because it means an improved controller and longer than ever gameplay! The revolutionary new controller is not only more comfortable, but it is chargeable via a USB cord and offers over 20 hours of use. How did we do it? The newly designed Backplate continues to use Microsoft's patented technology, but also contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery. And yes, it is compatible with play 'n charge cords!

The Backplate does not require AA Batteries and features a rechargeable lithium ion battery and comes with a 6 ft mini USB capable that is easily chargeable via your Mac/PC or any USB slot. The lightweight backplate holds over a 36 hour charge and features a kill switch to ensure battery conservation.

The Backplate features a new lightweight design, while maintaining the familiar ergonomic feel of a standard Xbox 360 controller. The new design comes from the removal of the standard battery pack, which allows for gamers to keep their fingers fully extended, rather than limited to the sides of the protruding battery pack, for increased comfort.

Evil's Exclusive Backplate features specific design elements meant to increase the already incredible ion battery's life. We have added a Kill Switch to allow for you to easily turn your controller on and off, instead of the standard battery removal method.Since the battery life is so extensive, it only made sense to add a small LED light behind the vents that lights up red while charging, and green while fully charged. We have also added air flow vents that give the battery a bit of "breathing room" while extending the life of your controller!

Evil Controllers utilizes a water transfer printing process that uses high quality, automotive paint that allows for incredible imaging on each of our controllers. We release at least three new images per month and can image your Backplate to seamlessly match your Evil Controller!  If you're ordering a DIY kit to match your current controller, we can also image just the Backplate to match! Imaging is offered in countless colors, mattes and glosses to display your unique gaming personality!

Evil Vision offers a DIY kit for those savvy consumers who already have their dream controller, but would like the superior comfort and long lasting battery life that the Backplate offers. The DIY Kit includes: your new Backplate, an ion battery, a T8 Security Torx Tool and installation instructions. Installing the Evil Backplate is a simple 5 step process that takes less than 5 minutes to perform.