PS5 + PC White & Pink Controller

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Made by hand in our facility, this PS5 + PC White & Pink Controller is hand-painted in our facility, with an automotive-grade glossy finish. Includes a pink backplate.

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Add Shift Features

The Evil Shift eSports buttons offer 2 or 4 extra remappable inputs that allow you to maintain thumbstick control for performance play.

Remap any input on the controller in under 3 seconds - no tools required. Save 15 custom profile layouts.

Add Evil Sticks

Our Evil Sticks are available either with a convex or concave shape to increase your aim and accuracy. With the largest surface area of any thumbstick on the market, you simply have more control. Available in 3 heights. 

Add Master Mod

The Evil Master Mod enhances your gameplay with macros. Compatible with all shooter games, including Call of Duty, PUBG, APEX, Battlefield, Destiny, etc. Features: Rapid Fire, (Adjustable/Akimbo/Tactical), Drop Shot, Fast Reload, Auto Scope, Auto Run, Auto Spot, Auto Aim (Zombies Only).

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Playstation + PC White & Pink Controller

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