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Xbox Series X One-Handed Controller

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What is a one-handed controller?

This is our One-Handed controller, designed specifically for gamers with only one functional hand. With this device, you can access the inputs that are not easily reachable. Such as the left trigger, left bumper, and left stick click (or right, depending on the dominant hand). Additionally, you have complete freedom to place the thumbstick to any accessible position (with the thumbstick extension add-on). Attach it to the controller, operate it with your foot or mouth, or any part of your body with mobility. The extension can also be mounted with velcro or any type of adhesive that works for your application.

How does it work?

The design integrates the left side inputs (LT, LB, LSC) for a right-handed gamer or the right side inputs (RT, RB, RSC) for a left-handed gamer. These inputs are relocated to custom paddles added to the controller. Additionally, the thumbstick extension allows you to use the thumbstick with other functional parts of your body. Ultimately this is a fully functional one-handed controller.

Can I see it in action?

Sure! Click here to watch our YouTube video breaking down the operation and benefits. Note this is the original concept video for the Playstation 4. The current thumbstick extension has been redesigned to be smaller and even more functional. 

What is the Thumbstick Extension?

Some gamers are unable to access the 2nd thumbstick on the controller, so we designed an extension with its own housing. This allows the user to customize their gaming setup further by physically moving the thumbstick to more ideal locations. While not every gamer needs this, some do find this feature a necessity. Imagine being able to use your arm, shoulder, face, chin, foot, or any limb to operate the additional thumbstick. With this extension, you can play any game since both thumbsticks can be used simultaneously.

Extension Types

+ Flat Base - This housing has a flat surface on the underside, allowing you to easily mount it with velcro or adhesives.

+ Handle Base - This housing has a recessed surface, designed to fit the underside of the controller. It allows you to use the controller entirely with one hand while operating both thumbsticks simultaneously.

+ Flat & Handle Base - This gives you both the Flat base and the Handle base so that you can modify your gaming setup as desired. A standard screwdriver allows you to swap out the different base designs.

When using the flat extension, UP=UP, DOWN=DOWN, LEFT=LEFT, and RIGHT=RIGHT. However, the handle extension is mounted underneath the controller. This reverses the directions as, UP=DOWN, DOWN=UP, LEFT=RIGHT, & RIGHT=LEFT. If another direction is required, please let us know so we can modify the default directions.

How does the handle base work?

This mount allows you to easily secure the thumbstick to the underside of the controller with a very strong adhesive tape that we provide. The mount is compatible with both the left and right handles of the controller. This is not a necessary add-on and is only recommended for gamers that cannot access the secondary thumbstick but wish to operate both thumbsticks with just one hand. 


+ No Remapping - Paddles will default to either LB/LT/LSC (for left-handed) or LB, LT, and LSB (for right-handed).

+ Remapping - This allows you to remap any input on the controller to your paddles.

Shift Paddles

We’ve incorporated our Shift Paddles into our design, allowing the user to press two additional inputs with their middle and ring fingers. By utilizing these paddles, you can operate the most important inputs on the controller with just one hand. This design also features a paddle on the faceplate of the controller. This is designed to press the thumbstick click, which can now be pressed with just your palm or thumb.

Shift Remapping

Reassign your Shift Paddles to other functions without the use of software or tools. While not necessary for gameplay, it does provide convenience in paddle reassignment.

If no Remapping is selected, we will dedicate the 2 back paddles and the faceplate paddle to RB, RR, and RSB (for left handed) or LB, LT, and LSB (for right handed).

Master Mod

+ Enhance gameplay with macros

+ Compatible with Game Titles: Call of Duty, PUBG, APEX, Battlefield, Destiny, and all shooters

+ Features: Rapid Fire (Adjustable/Akimbo/Tactical), Drop Shot, Fast Reload, Auto Scope, Auto Run, Auto Spot, Auto Aim (Zombies Only). Gears of War 4 & 5 specific mods are Perfect Active Reloads, Auto-revive, Auto-spot, and more.

Our mission

Evil Controllers Accessible Division is proud to offer a large variety of accessible gaming products, all tailored and hand modified for an individual's needs. The purpose of this product is to showcase what we’ve done before, while providing a concept that may be adaptable to you. If you need an accessible controller of any kind and/or have any limitations in gaming, please inquire here.

What is Evil Controllers Accessible Gaming Division?

We have been making accessible gaming devices for over 15 years. We specialize in the assessment of the body's range of motion and then we apply our knowledge and previous experiences to tailor make a controller specific to the gamer's needs. Sometimes a design can simply be a modified controller with additional buttons and inputs, or it can even be transformed into a box, like an arcade-style controller. After understanding the user's range of motion and strength, we can relocate inputs, enlarge or reduce the size of these buttons, change the sensitivity required to press it, or even a hybrid of designs.

We believe there should be no gamer left behind and all should be able to participate in their gaming communities without judgment or disadvantages. Our Evil Technicians are experienced in custom controllers and are pioneers behind the innovation for accessible gaming. We are passionate about full inclusion for gamers and believe that each controller, each story, truly makes a difference in gamers' and families’ day-to-day lives. The social connection and enjoyment experienced in a range of games is a proven need and we are here to make accessible gaming a commonly known thing. We rely on the community to help spread the word as many gamers do not realize there is an opportunity to game or game more enjoyably, regardless of their limitations, disabilities, or disease.

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