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  • Overwatch Hero Orisa Now On Live Servers

    overwatch hero orisaAfter a short time on the public test environment on the PC, Orisa, a new hero in Overwatch, has been added to the live servers for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

    The new hero, named Orisa, is a brand new tank hero for Overwatch. To begin with, Orisa will not be available in competitive play. For the first few weeks, Orisa will be limited to Quick Play, Arcade and the Play Vs. AI modes. Blizzard has explained that they'd like their player base to get to learn how Orisa works before she is thrown into the competitive meta.

    While Orisa is a tank, she has an arsenal of abilities to help protect her team, which makes her a viable support as well. Her main weapon is called the Fusion Driver - it can deal consistent damage to enemies, but Orisa is slowed down the longer the weapon is used as a throwback. Her alternate fire is called Halt and this allows Orisa to create a small detonated charge that can slow enemies.

    Orisa's ultimate ability is called Supercharger. With this, Orisa can fire a device that can buff the damage output of all nearby enemies. Orisa's other abilities include Protective Barrier, which is a static shield that can block incoming damage, and Fortify, which reduces the amount of damage Orisa can take for a short period of time.

    In other news, a recent patch in the public test environment brought a number of changes to Lucio. These changes will soon go live to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and public PC servers.

  • New Horizon Zero Dawn Patch, Details Inside

    horizon zero dawn patchA brand new patch has been pushed out for Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4. Patch 1.10 should now be live. The new patch fixes a number of major bugs and gameplay progression issues. A few quality of life features have been added in the latest patch as well.

    In the new patch, players will be able to buy multiple items at once from merchants by holding the X button on their control. The X-axis controls can also now be inverted via the in-game settings menu.

    Some small changes have been made to the way items drop in Horizon Zero Dawn. The costs of items have been adjusted to reflect this game as well. These small changes all add up to make an overall tweak to the in-game item economy.

    Some adjustments have been made to humanoid AI within Horizon Zero AI, although we're not yet sure what exactly has changed here.

    If you've had any issues with progressing through the Horizon Zero Dawn campaign, you'll be relieved to hear that many progression issues have now been fixed in the latest patch. In the patch notes, it was mentioned that if you have any progression issues while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, you should perform a manual reload by loading a recent quicksave or manual save.

    While this patch hasn't done anything to change gameplay, it's great to see that Guerrilla Games are working hard to iron out all of the bugs that got past them before the game went gold. Let us know if you're still having any progression issues after the new 1.10 patch.

  • New GTA Online Car Released

    new gta online hijak rustonA brand new update for GTA Online has been pushed out to live servers. The new update is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and adds a brand new car and some other additional content to the game.

    The brand new car added to the ever-growing GTA Online car list is called the Hijak Ruston, and it will set players back $430,000. The Hijak Ruston is set to be a fast-paced supercar that'll get players zipping around at a slightly lower price point.

    "Stripped down and drenched in carbon fiber, the Hijak Ruston is a lightweight & pint-sized packet of fury," Rockstar mentioned in a recent statement.

    "It might not win any safety awards, but the Ruston's low profile gets you as close to the tarmac as you're ever going to want to be, so nestle in and brace yourself for some tight turns and even tighter clenches. A unique and elegant addition to the Sports class, the Hijak Ruston is now available in GTA Online at Legendary Motorsport."

    The new car was added alongside some additions to the in-game Creator Content. Rockstar provided a statement on the content featured in the new update.

    "Stunt Races recently received a big addition with the Special Vehicle Circuit update and we're expanding the toolbox for the Rockstar community to take things up a few notches."

    "In addition to the Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 and Blazer Aqua becoming available in the Stunt Race Creator, we're adding a collection of new Props designed to highlight these vehicles' unique abilities, including Hurdles, Boost Refills and Explosive Crates."

    "New psychedelic Stunt Tubes will send racers on a trip through alternate dimensions, while destructible walls will leave some serious carnage in your wake as you power your way to victory."

  • New Gears of War League in May

    gears of war 4 league IGLIt's about time Gears of War got some more love from tournament organizers. It's now been confirmed that a new Gears of War 4 league is on its way.

    The upcoming Gears of War 4 league will feature a $25,000 prize pool and live LAN finals in Huntington Beach, California. The new Gears of War 4 League was announced by International Gaming League and it will be open to existing pro teams and amateur players.

    The new Gears of War 4 League from IGL will not be a part of the Gears Pro Circuit, but it's still quickly become an event on everybody's radar.

    The League will kick off with 4 open qualifiers, all of which will take place on March 18. After that, three more open qualifiers will he held on March 25, April 8 and April 15. Four of the best teams from each qualifier will move to ladder play. The ladder will run for a month, after which the twelve teams at the top of the ladder will be taken into league play.

    No invitations have been sent out for the Gears of War 4 League from IGL, so it'll be an open event up for grabs by any potential rising talent. Players will need to visit the proIGL website to sign their team up for the open qualifiers to take part.

    With this newly announced $25,000 event and the Gears Pro circuit, we potentially have a lot of pro Gears of War 4 events on our plate this year.

  • Big Infinite Warfare Patch Hits Servers

    infinite warfare type-2In preparation for CWL Dallas, a brand new Infinite Warface patch has hit servers across all platforms.

    The new patch includes a number of bug fixes and tweaks, but most importantly has made some adjustments to some weapons. The highlight for this patch's weapon balancing is the changes to the KBAR and the Type-2.

    The KBAR and NV4 have now both been nerfed, while the Type-2 has been buffed, which makes it one of the most viable weapons in competitive play.

    Below, the full weapon balancing changes for the latest Infinite Warfare patch have been listed.

    • Type-2 (AR mode)- Slight increase to the fire rate and a decrease to ADS recoil
    • Type-2- Slight increase to hip fire spread when in akimbo mode
    • Volk- Increase to the 3 bullet hit kill range
    • Titan- Slightly increase to the fire rate and an increase to the 4 bullet hit kill range
    • KBAR- Slightly decrease to the 4 bullet hit kill range
    • NV4- Slightly increase to the ADS recoil
    • R-VN- Increase to the 3 bullet hit kill range
    • Widowmaker- Reduced delay between bullets within the burst
    • DMR- Slight decrease to the ADS time
    • EBR-800 (AR mode)- Increase to the 5 bullet hit kill range
    • EBR-800 (Sniper mode)- Reduce ADS sway speed

    With the latest patch, it's now also possible for players to kill each other at the same time. If players use their weapons simultaneously, both players can drop dead. To begin with, this feature can be switched on in custom game lobbies, but will be switched off for public games

  • Glaz to Get Upgrade in Rainbow Six Siege

    glaz buff rainbow six siegeGlaz has slowly been phased out of competitive play, and Ubisoft have taken notice. As a result, it looks like Glaz will be getting a much needed buff.

    A new video posted to the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter profile showcases a thermal imaging scope for Glaz - when Glaz zooms in with his sniper, the thermal heat signature of enemy players can be seen through walls.

    Ubisoft didn't mention whether this would be a feature for all operators, or whether it would be exclusive to Glaz, but it would make sense that the feature was locked down to Glaz's sniper rifle.

    So far, we don't know when this new feature will be brought to Rainbow Six Siege. There is a big update planned for later this month, so we may see the new thermal scope added to the game then.

    Hopefully, the feature isn't too overpowered at the beginning. We expect the play rate for Glaz will spike massively after the patch for his thermal scope hits live servers, though.

    Recently, Rainbow Six Siege rolled into a new season and Ubisoft unveiled a collection of new operators, new maps, and new weapons as part of the Velvet Shell expansion. All of the maps and operators can be played for free, but season 2 pass holders were given the operators early and for free. Those without a season 2 pass must purchase the operators with currency earned in game, or with currency purchased with real money.

  • NRG Esports Gets Huge Sponsorship Deal

    nrg esports washington dceSports is going to be huge in 2017. NRG eSports has just picked up a sponsorship deal that hits the six-figure mark.

    The new NRG sponsor is none other than the city of Washington D.C.

    D.C. Events is the convention and sports authority arm of Washington D.C. and their recent sponsorship with NRG eSports has shown the world that they're serious about putting their heart (and money) into the eSports industry.

    The city of Washington D.C. has sponsored many companies in the past, but this is the first venture the capital has made within the eSports industry.

    You may be wondering how this deal will benefit Washington as a city. The head of the convention and sports authority arm of D.C. hopes that this new sponsorship will help bring in more tourism and open up opportunities for hosted eSports events within local stadiums. This should help to bring in interest and sell tickets to those from all over the United States, but it reaches out to an international audience too.

    "International tourists are a big component of our pool of folks that we're targeting to come to Washington and visit, they stay longer, they spend more money. We're about putting folks in hotel rooms, spending money in the city, eating in our restaurants, and ultimately, long term, all these people who come to Washington, many of them we want to actually stay here and live here. Raise a family here, send their kids to school here, for us, it's not only a short-term play on how to build up an arena that we're building and put on esports tournaments, but ultimately get people to come here, stay here and move here."

  • Binding of Isaac Now Available on Nintendo Switch

    binding of isaac nintendo switchThe Binding of Isaac was originally planned as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, but after the company behind the title announced there would be delays, nobody quite knew when the game would make it to the new platform.

    Fortunately, developer Nicalis has confirmed that the Binding of Isaac has now almost been completed and the game will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on March 17. The version of Binding of Isaac that'll make it to the Nintendo Switch is the Afterbirth+ version.

    Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ on the Nintendo Switch will cost $40 and players will be able to pick it up in store as a physical copy, or from the Nintendo Switch interface as a digital title. Afterbirth originally launched on the PC in January 2017 as an expansion to the original game. The full Afterbirth+ version will offer the same content as the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Complete Bundle, which is available on Steam for $35.

    Afterbirth+ is also in development for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One - at this point we wouldn't be surprised if the other consoles would also be selling it for around $40 as well.

    Despite the game originally being released in 2011, every new addition to The Binding of Isaac has kept it fresh and exciting since. If you haven't played The Binding of Isaac yet, the Nintendo Switch version would be a great place to introduce yourself to the game.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda to have Microtransactions

    mass effect andromeda microtransactionsYou can blame EA for this one. Mass Effect Andromeda will be receiving microtransactions.

    The microtransactions in Mass Effect Andromeda will be included alongside the base price of the game and the season pass for the future DLC content. The microtransactions available will allow users to purchase 'Andromeda points' which is currently understood to be a currency that will be used in the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect Andromeda.

    The description online retailers have been using for the Andromeda points packs is shown below.

    "Andromeda Points are an in-game currency for the Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer mode only. These points can be purchased with real world currency and can be used instead of the earned in-game currency to obtain new Multiplayer packs, which contain items used in the Multiplayer mode."

    Unfortunately, we do not know what the multiplayer packs will include, or whether these packs will provide users with benefits or buffs. Hopefully, EA has opted to only include cosmetic items and utilities like XP boosts inside the multiplayer packs. It may be that Mass Effect Andromeda will feature a microtransaction system similar to Halo 5: Guardians.

    In Halo 5, players can earn in-game currency by playing the multiplayer game modes and then spend that money on packs that include cosmetic items and special equipment for the Warzone game mode. Players can earn everything by playing, but they can also spend real money to earn additional packs. If Mass Effect Andromeda offers a similar approach, microtransactions in Andromeda may not be such a bad thing.

  • Injustice 2 Characters Confirmed So Far

    injustice 2 charactersInjustice 2 is on its way, but the developers aren't ready to reveal everything about the game just yet.

    NetherRealm Studios has been careful to reveal each character planned for Injustice 2 slowly over time, but we can now look back and provide an extensive list of all of the characters currently planned for the game.

    First, let's start with the obvious - Batman will be in Injustice 2 - we're interested to see what cosmetic items will be available for Bats via the new gear system. Both Superman and Supergirl will be showing an appearance in Injustice 2 as well. We'll also see Wonder Woman in the Injustice sequel, alongside Aquaman.

    Both Green Lantern and Green Arrow will be showing their colors in Injustice 2, while Atrocious, Deadshot and the Flash will be on team red.

    Below is the entire list of characters currently announced for Injustice 2:

    - Aquaman
    - Atrocious
    - Bane
    - Batman
    - Black Canary
    - Blue Beetle
    - Brainiac
    - Catwoman
    - Cheetah
    - Cyborg
    - Darkseid
    - Deadshot
    - Dr. Fate
    - Flash
    - Gorilla Grodd
    - Green Arrow
    - Green Lantern
    - Harley Quinn
    - Poison Ivy
    - Robin
    - Supergirl
    - Superman
    - Swamp Thing
    - Wonder Woman

    Any characters in this list take your fancy? NetherRealm isn't quite done with the entire Injustice 2 lineup, either. They are still planning to reveal more characters leading up to the game's release.

    Injustice 2 is set to launch on May 16, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A mobile version will also be available for Android and iOS.

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