Unveiling the Mystique of "Lies of P": A Bloodborne-Inspired Adventure

Combining the whimsy of Pinocchio with the haunting allure of Bloodborne, "Lies of P" emerges as a captivating and eerie narrative that promises a unique and compelling gaming experience. Stepping into a moody, gothic world reminiscent of FromSoftware's renowned title, the game introduces a dark, thrilling atmosphere that entices players with its enigmatic story and challenging gameplay.

An Unconventional Fusion

The amalgamation of Pinocchio and Bloodborne might seem unconventional, but precisely, this audacious blend sets "Lies of P" apart. The game's somber tone, blood-soaked landscapes, and unmistakable echoes of Bloodborne's style immediately capture attention, infusing a sense of curiosity and intrigue into the narrative. This fusion defies the norm while showcasing the game's innovative vision.

Familiar Yet Novel

Gaming enthusiasts recently had the chance to delve into the opening stages of "Lies of P," offering a tantalizing glimpse into its world and mechanics. The parallels with Bloodborne are palpable, from the atmospheric soundscape to the item pickup cues. However, rather than being derivative, these similarities feel like a nod to a beloved title while maintaining a unique identity.

A Grim Twist on Pinocchio

At the heart of "Lies of P" lies a somber reimagination of Carlo Collodi's classic tale. Unlike the heartwarming Disney version, this rendition transforms Pinocchio into a stoic, wooden figure navigating a world wrought with darkness. The once joyful narrative transforms into a tale of survival, where characters are preoccupied with staying alive rather than breaking into song.

A Gruesome Journey

Venturing into the game's opening stages, players awaken Pinocchio in the desolate city of Krat. Here, the remnants of humanity are under a puppet frenzy orchestrated by the enigmatic Mr. Geppetto. The streets are a gruesome tableau of death, as humans lie strewn across the ground, victims of the puppet onslaught. Amidst the brutality, a certain macabre beauty emerges, brought to life by the game's captivating art direction.

Deception and Divergence

While the opening demo offers only a taste of the narrative, it hints at the complex web of lies that Pinocchio must navigate. The choice-based gameplay introduces the concept of Pinocchio's lies affecting the unfolding story, with decisions resonating beyond face value. A simple lie triggers a mechanical response, alluding to a branching narrative that captivates players' curiosity.

Echoes of Bloodborne in Gameplay

The "Lies of P" gameplay mechanics draw clear inspiration from Bloodborne, featuring high-stakes, high-reward dynamics that encourage strategic aggression. Similarly, the combat style emphasizes the "fight or die" mentality, rewarding offensive maneuvers while punishing cautious play. Weapon styles mirror the Path of the Cricket, Bastard, and Sweeper, each representing unique attributes and scaling.


"Lies of P" presents an intriguing and audacious blend of Pinocchio's tale and Bloodborne's essence. With its eerie ambiance, narrative complexity, and gameplay inspired by a beloved classic, the game stands as a testament to the power of creative fusion in gaming. As players eagerly anticipate the full unveiling of the experience, "Lies of P" promises to unravel a mystery that could captivate both Pinocchio and Bloodborne fans alike.