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  • Halo 4: Limited Edition

    Limited Edition Halo 4

    The Limited Edition for Halo 4 has been revealed for pre-order and is priced at $99.99. There will be no Legendary Edition for Halo 4 which in my opinion makes the purchase decision much simpler. Either we decide to get the standard retail game or the Limited Edition with the added bonuses.

    Let's take a look at what has been confirmed to be included in the Limited Edition.

    • War Games Map Packs - the competitive multiplayer modes in Halo 4 will be termed War Games. Owning the Limited Edition will give players access to all three map packs that will be released in the future, as soon as they are made available on Xbox Live. Each of these map packs contains 3 locations, so in total players will receive a total of 9 maps.

    • Specializations - something called specialization has been incorporated in to the multiplayer and will be available on Xbox Live upon Halo 4's launch. Everyone will have access to select specializations, but Limited Edition owners will get the ability to unlock 6 of the specializations early on. These specializations can be used one at a time and will allow players to achieve higher ranks in their Spartan career. Aside from gaining access to new ranks, specializations will also unlock more customization options.

    • UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet - the briefing packet will contain a schematic for Spartan armor customization, information about UNSC weapons, information about the ship UNSC infinity and other info that will give an insight in to what it means to be a Spartan-IV.

    • Bonus Digital Content - Limited Edition will also provide access to exclusive in-game content via Xbox Live. In-game contents include -  unique Spartan-IV armor skin, unique skin for Assault Rifle, exclusive emblem, and Spartan-IV armor and props for Xbox Live Avatar.

    • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Special Edition - Players will also get access to the special edition of the 90-mintue live action web series that will provide a backstory to the events leading up to Halo 4. The special edition will come with bonus content depicting how the producers brought Halo 4 to life and also the making-of Halo 4.
    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad
  • Halo 4: New Additions to the Halo Multiplayer

    Halo 4 Multiplayer

    We all know one of the biggest reasons behind Halo's success is the highly entertaining and competitive multiplayer component which has been termed War Games in Halo 4. Today we shall be taking a look at some of the cool things that 343 Industries have incorporated into the War Games that makes Halo 4 that much more worth playing.


    The Assassinations are back but with a brand new flair. Assassinations are more satisfying and brutal than ever. There are a variety of ways in which these melee executions take place, for example Spartans can tackle an enemy to the ground before finishing him off with a knife. The variety of ways you can take out an enemy is just satisfying. The fact that you can perform such kills in the same way as earlier games, chances are that you will definitely end up using assassinations again and again to just watch the satisfying brutality.

    More Customizable Loadouts

    The character customization ability here in Halo 4 is much greater than that in Halo: Reach. Characters are highly customizable both look wise and in game capability wise. In addition to the standard slots for weapons and grenades, players will also get three additional slots to which they can assign Armor ability, Support Upgrade and Tactical Package.

    Tactical Package

    Tactical Package is basically a passive perk. Different Tactical Packages can be attached to different loadouts so if one of these passive abilities is not working out for you then you can switch to another loadout to see if that passive ability better fits that certain game. An example of Tactical Pakage is Firepower; this lets you equip two primary weapons in your loadout.

    New Armor Abilities

    The Hologram is back again but it is joined with other amazing abilities. The Hardlight Shield is the primary mode of mobile defense. The Bubble Shield is also making a comeback but even though it covers a greater area it is still penetrable. The good thing is that when you activate the Bubble Shield you will be put in a third person view which helps make sure no one can shoot through the front.

    The Promethean Vision is a new armor ability. This basically colors your enemies red and everything else blue for a limited time. The clear vision of your enemies provided by this is definitely going to help immensely both when attacking and defending.

    Then there is the Thruster Pack. This basically allows you to teleport a short distance. Depending on whether you were moving ahead or back when you activated the Thruster Pack, you will teleport in front or behind respectively. This will allow you to close the gap between you and an enemy, dodge critical hits and other Spartans closing in for an Assassination.

    Ordinance Drops

    This basically is like the Care Package from Call of Duty only faster. If you get a sufficiently long kill streak you can choose between 3 deadly weapons: Alien weaponry, Explosive weaponry or Spartan Laser weaponry. Just like CoD, you can also kill an enemy and steal his ordinance drop before he gets to use it.

    So as you can see guys, 343 Industries are really pushing the limits and this game seems to be set to outshine all of its predecessors in every way. Checkout the Multiplayer Demo below where you get to see a bit of everything, especially the Assassinations and Ordinance Drops

    Mulitplayer Demo:

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Halo 4: Spartan Ops Details

    Halo 4 Gameplay Details


    Spartan Ops is basically a replacement of the Firefight in the previous iterations. Spartan Ops is a four-player co-op mode but unlike Firefight where you basically have to survive wave after wave of enemies, it revolves around a few set of missions.

    Although it is a co-op mode you can chose to play alone if you like. Another advantage is that Spartan Ops is supported by Halo 4's matchmaking system so you don’t necessarily have to have friends to play it, like in the case with Halo 3: ODST's Firefight mode.

    343 Industries plans on releasing content for the Spartan Ops on a weekly basis. The updates will contain five co-op missions that can be played by up to 4 players, and a cinematic cutscene that will provide the narrative of the overall scenario of each week. Although what we will talk about today is basic ground combat, a variety of missions including vehicles are expected.

    The great thing about this plan of 343 Industries is that the library of content for Spartan Ops will keep on growing and would be available for all Halo 4 players. These mission can be revisited any number of times. Additionally, since you gain experience in the Spartan Ops and rank up along the same line of progression with War Games, whatever you unlock will be usable in both modes!

    A chosen few from IGN actually got to play the Spartan Ops mode and made a few analyses of how the game was in comparison to the previous Halo games. First thing that they noticed was that the graphics was just breath taking and the level of detail on each Spartan was simply amazing.

    Fans of the series might be a bit disappointed as the Magnum seems to be a bit weaker than before and is no longer a 3 shot killing machine. The Covenant Carbine however was the same as that from Halo 2 and 3. The Battle Rifle on the other hand had less range but still packed a solid punch mid-range.

    There are a few new weapons amongst which the Forerunner Scattershot stood out. As the name suggests, the bullets spread out just like that of a shotgun and at close range it literally dissolved the enemies. The bullets also bounce off of the walls and floors which gives it a similar flair to the Flak Cannon from Unreal tournament.

    Crawlers, Forerunner AI, will be replacing the Flood Spores in Halo 4. 343 Industries have already confirmed that the Flood will not be in this instalment. Crawlers can move and jump like spiders and can only be killed by shooting them in the face thanks to the spiky shell that protects every other area of their body. The fact that they are so fast makes it really hard to get accurate shots on them.

    The Promethean units, Knights and Watchers, provide a much greater challenge. The Knights are massive and can attack at a range with weapons or slash with claws up close. Again, Knights can only be taken out by accurate shots to their face. The Watchers are in a way more annoying and should be dealt with first. Watchers can shield their allies, spawn crawlers and also revive any fallen Knights. So in order to be successful it is better to take the Watchers out first.

    The great news is that the Halo 4's new enemy race is just as good as the AI in the past games. These guys will definitely keep the pressure on and provide a solid challenge for both newbies and experts.

    Check out the Spartan Ops gameplay demo:

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

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