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  • Modded Controllers: NOMAD

    Modded Controllers: NOMAD Controller

    This controller is based off the gamer Randy Fitzgerald, who is also known as N0M4D. Despite his challenges he faces on a day to day basis, he continues to inspire people today with his gaming skills and overcoming all obstacles by his highly skilled gameplay in various various like Call of Duty and Halo. So in honor of him, Evil Controllers introduces the Nomad controller, the most adaptable modded controller there is out there.

    With this modded controller, you may have either 2 or 4 additional buttons mapped to the backside of the controller. These buttons are considered 'blank' to the controller, but can be assigned and re-assigned up to 10 different functions. With these buttons on the back of the controller, gamers will have the ability to use their other fingers to perform the same functions like those buttons on the front and reduce the delay that occurs from the joystick on the front to a button on the front. This allows for accuracy during those crucial moments in gaming, where split second decisions are needed to made even faster. In addition, a player with this controller can reassign buttons to keep gaming the same no matter what. To put in an example, they can re-assign melee to the back of the controller regardless of what button is required for the action.

    But Evil Controllers didn't forget about some great additional features. These additional features include Evil Imaging, Evil Sticks, an Evil D-Pad, LEDs, and other customizations for a more comfortable, durable and customizedmodded controller.

  • Accessible Gaming News: Mike "Broly" Begum

    Meet Mike Begum, avid Street Fighter 4 and gamer who overcame his challenges.

    Kotaku and CrossCounter TV met up with Mike Begum, who is probably one of the best Chun-Li using fighting game fans out there. Mike was born with arthrogryposis. Arthrgryposis is arare congenital condition which is characterized by multiple jointcontractualand can lead tomuscularweakness and fibrosis. In Mike's case, he is only able to use partial use of his one function arm.

    But like our friend Randy "N0M4D" Fitzgerald, Mike overcame the odds and become an avid gamer in games like Smash Brothers and Street Fighter. Also like Randy, he uses his mouth to help use the input functions on his specialized modified controller.

    It's nice to know that there are others overcoming their physical challenges in order to join in on the joy of gaming.

    Begum was born with arthrogryposis, which has left him with only partial While this would normally prevent the less determined from evenplaying a video game, let alone getting good at one, Mike has found a way to combine his partial hand use with his cheek and tongue to turn himself into quite the Chun-Li player.

    Oh, and he's awesome at Smash Bros., too.

  • Quadriplegic Gamer Calls For Custom Button Remapping In Console Games - Evil Controllers

    The call of Chuck Bittner and his request for action to re-map controller buttons

    Chuck Bittner has spoken. His call to action to access the technology to re-map buttons on today's great games has not gone unheard. Bittner is a Quadriplegic "Able Gamer" who is frustrated by the lack of attention that Developers, Publishers and Hardware creators have given to this community. A community that is filled with fans and competitors who will be able to participate on the same level and beyond if given the proper access to that technology. Evil Controllers has a great relationship with Randy "N0m4D" Fitzgerald, who is probably the most famous "Able Gamer" in the world. When Infinity Ward first created Modern Warfare they included the ability to remap buttons to Randy's specifications with the GAME!!! Pop in the first MW and you can find the "N0m4d" button configuration under controller options. But when MW2 shipped no such thing was included with the game.. Bringing the question back to Mr. Bittner... Who should we look too? The Game Developers or the Hardware developers.. I think that it should be both, but if we can mass produce controllers that have the technology to re map buttons out of the box, it would solve the gaming publishing problem. We here at Evil have developed that technology and have built hundreds of controllers for "Able Gamers". But that tech is still pricey because we have to work with 3rd party from Microsoft.

    You can follow the article over at Kotaku found here..

    He has also started a online petition that you can sign up for here...

    If you have questions about creating a custom controller.. You can contact us at [email protected]


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