Meet Mike Begum, avid Street Fighter 4 and gamer who overcame his challenges.

Kotaku and CrossCounter TV met up with Mike Begum, who is probably one of the best Chun-Li using fighting game fans out there. Mike was born with arthrogryposis. Arthrgryposis is arare congenital condition which is characterized by multiple jointcontractualand can lead tomuscularweakness and fibrosis. In Mike's case, he is only able to use partial use of his one function arm.

But like our friend Randy "N0M4D" Fitzgerald, Mike overcame the odds and become an avid gamer in games like Smash Brothers and Street Fighter. Also like Randy, he uses his mouth to help use the input functions on his specialized modified controller.

It's nice to know that there are others overcoming their physical challenges in order to join in on the joy of gaming.

Begum was born with arthrogryposis, which has left him with only partial While this would normally prevent the less determined from evenplaying a video game, let alone getting good at one, Mike has found a way to combine his partial hand use with his cheek and tongue to turn himself into quite the Chun-Li player.

Oh, and he's awesome at Smash Bros., too.