Modded Controllers: NOMAD Controller

This controller is based off the gamer Randy Fitzgerald, who is also known as N0M4D. Despite his challenges he faces on a day to day basis, he continues to inspire people today with his gaming skills and overcoming all obstacles by his highly skilled gameplay in various various like Call of Duty and Halo. So in honor of him, Evil Controllers introduces the Nomad controller, the most adaptable modded controller there is out there.

With this modded controller, you may have either 2 or 4 additional buttons mapped to the backside of the controller. These buttons are considered 'blank' to the controller, but can be assigned and re-assigned up to 10 different functions. With these buttons on the back of the controller, gamers will have the ability to use their other fingers to perform the same functions like those buttons on the front and reduce the delay that occurs from the joystick on the front to a button on the front. This allows for accuracy during those crucial moments in gaming, where split second decisions are needed to made even faster. In addition, a player with this controller can reassign buttons to keep gaming the same no matter what. To put in an example, they can re-assign melee to the back of the controller regardless of what button is required for the action.

But Evil Controllers didn't forget about some great additional features. These additional features include Evil Imaging, Evil Sticks, an Evil D-Pad, LEDs, and other customizations for a more comfortable, durable and customizedmodded controller.