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  • New August Xbox Live Games With Gold Announced

    xbox live games with gold augustWe've just rolled into a new month, and that means it's time to talk about the next Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup. We've got quite a few treats in store this week, including some Xbox 360 retail titles, as well as a couple digital-based Xbox One games.

    Firstly, Xbox One owners with Xbox Gold will be able to treat themselves with Crimson Dragon, an Xbox exclusive that saw itself as one of the few available Xbox One launch titles the day the console was released. Crimson Dragon is an indirect sequel to Panzer Dragoon, a game that made it's rounds on the Original Xbox many years ago. Crimson Dragon will be available all the way throughout the month.

    Alongside Crimson Dragon, Xbox Live gold subscribers will be able to get their hands on Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut, which made it to reality after successfully being backed on Kickstarter. Both Xbox One games are available till August 31st.

    As for the Xbox 360, players will be able to pick up Motocross Madness, a Trials lookalike till August 15th, whilst later on in the month, Dishonored will be available from August 16th till August 31st.

    All of these games are still fairly new, so Microsoft are being pretty generous with month's round of Xbox Live free Gold games. This is possibly one of the best months we've seen since the Xbox Live Games with Gold loyalty reward program began.

  • FIFA 15 Gameplay Trailer Released

    fifa 15 emotions trailerA brand new gameplay trailer has just been released for the upcoming EA Sports title, FIFA 15. Showcasing new crowds, player interactions and unique behaviour both for players and crowds, the trailer points out the 'emotion and intensity' the franchise has started to pick up on.

    Whilst the new changes to crowd and player emotions isn't exactly a huge gameplay feature, it's nice to see just how far the franchise has come in terms of capturing the spirit that many fans and players experience on the real pitch.

    Unsurprisingly, Lionel Messi will make it to the front cover box art for FIFA 15, for many regions across the globe.

    Despite showing some great advancements in crowd and player behaviour in the latest trailer for FIFA 15, EA have also stated that not all platforms will offer the same experience, which is most likely due to both hardware limitations and console exclusivity deals.

    For example, only Xbox consoles will receive FIFA 15 Ultimate Legends, which will most likely be a life time exclusive for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

    FIFA 15 has been scheduled for launch later this year on September 29th, for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & 3, Wii, 3DS, Vita and the PC.

    It will be interesting to see how each version differs from one another, especially when considering the game has been set to launch on the Wii, 3DS and the PS Vita. Surprisingly, the Wii U has been left out of the picture.

  • Cross-Platform Play Won't Happen on Destiny

    destiny cross-platformThe divide between last gen and current gen consoles has been a problem for many. It's stopped friends from playing with one another, forced developers to develop for multiple platforms, and overall it's been a transition that's slow and frustrating to go through.

    Despite this, it isn't entirely possible for developers to make the multiplayer portion of the games compatible with one another. For example, Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn already combines both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players into the same server.

    However, the reasons behind a lack of cross-platform support is rarely down to technicalities, and usually more to do with player equality and fairness. This is certainly the case with Bungie, who have recently confirmed that cross-platform play wasn't going to happen with Destiny.

    Whilst it is possible to allow PS3 players to play alongside those on a PS4, Bungie don't want PS3 players to feel like they have a considerable disadvantage over PS4 players in Destiny.

    Typically, the current gen versions of games are considered to have better frame rates, higher resolution, and possibly even better render distances, all of which could help those with a newer console gain an advantage over those with older consoles.

    And for this reason, Bungie have decided to leave cross-platform play out of the question for Destiny's multiplayer.

    Whilst PS4 players won't receive any definite advantages over PS3 players per-se, would you feel happy playing against a player that could potentially have better hardware than you do?

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  • White PS4 Releasing As Standalone Product After Destiny Release

    white ps4 bundleA Destiny bundle featuring a white PlayStation 4 has already been officially confirmed by many retailers across the globe, but recently Sony revealed plans to sell the white version of the console separately from the Destiny bundle after the game launches later this year.

    According to Shuhei Yoshida, Sony plan to release the 'glacier white' PlayStation 4 console as a standalone product shortly after Destiny is released, so if you're not interested in Destiny but like the idea of a bright white PS4 console, you'll be able get your hands on it with just a little patience.

    "In Europe, we're going to launch the bundle with Destiny on September 9th, but after that, later this year, we're going to release the white standalone PS4 as well in Europe," Yoshida mentioned.

    Oddly, Sony have not yet made any comments about a white PS4 console bundle being released in any other territories, but it would seem odd to limit it specifically to Europe. At E3 earlier this year, Sony announced the glacier white PS4 bundle, and mentioned a $450 price tag, suggesting that the bundle will make it's way to North America, even if the standalone white PS4 doesn't.

    The white PlayStation 4 will have the exact same hardware and hard drive capacity as the original black one, and in terms of appearance, the only difference will be the color of the console; everything else will be the same as the original black variant.

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  • Civilization Beyond Earth Planned for October Release Date

    civilization beyond earth release2K Games has finally announced the release date for the next Civilization game. Civilization: Beyond Earth will be available for players to purchase on October 24th this year.

    Beyond Earth will take the core gameplay of Civilization 5 and breathe new air into it by offering new experiences, and most importantly, the ability to send your civilization to space, which is a first for the franchise.

    So far, Civilization: Beyond Earth has been set for an exclusive PC launch, and details for a console release have not yet been given. However, if you're still interested, you'll be able to purchase Beyond Earth for $50.

    If you decide to pre-order Civilization: Beyond Earth, you'll also receive a fairly decent pre-order bonus in the name of a new map pack. The map pack has been named the Exoplanet pack and it comes with six different maps.

    So far it is unclear whether the Exoplanet map pack will be exclusive for early adopters, or whether it will be made available after the release date of Civilization: Beyond Earth as a DLC pack.

    The Exoplanet pack will come with the following maps; Kepler 186f, a forest-based planet similar to Earth, Rigil Khantoris Bb, a continental based planet, Tau Ceti d, a planet filled with sea and expensive resources, Mu Area f, a hot desert planet, 82 Eridani e, a planet with limited water, and Eta Vulpeculae b, a planet filled with 'mysterious terrain.'

  • Two New AAA Games Coming from Deep Silver This E3

    deep silver aaa gamesOver the last few years, Deep Silver have been kept busy. A lot of developers have gone to them for help with publishing, and they are now the publisher for many different development studios, including 4A Games, the development team behind Metro Last Light.

    This year, Deep Silver have plans to announced two brand new triple A titles, and details of these will be shared at E3. According to Forbes writer Jason Evangelho, Deep Silver will reveal "two unannounced AAA games," which has certainly got us at Evil Controllers curious.

    So far, we have no idea what the two new games from Deep Silver could be, and whether these new titles will be sequels to already existing franchises, or whether they will be completely new IP is currently unknown.

    Seeing as we haven't heard much about IP filings and the such, it's more likely that the new AAA games will be parts of existing franchises. This means we could expect to see a brand new Dead Island title, or perhaps a new Metro game.

    More interestingly, Volition Games now have the rights to make a new Saints Row title, which means we could even expect to see a brand new SR game under a fresh new face. At this point in time, it's all just speculation, but with E3 just around the corner, we really don't have that much waiting to do before we can get our hands on juicy new information from Deep Silver.

  • Various Destiny Game Modes Revealed

    various destinyOne of the biggest news outlets for brand new Destiny information, More Console, has just released a video that gives information on the various game modes that we will be able to play when Destiny is released.

    The first game mode that was revealed is Patrol, and in this mode players will be able to play through the various missions available in Destiny and explore the world at a pace and direction they see fit.

    The second mode has been named Bounty - this offers a little bit of a different experience from the typical free roam Patrol mode, and places players into a MMO dungeon-like instance that gives players the chance to find rare and valuable gear.

    The next game mode is called Strike, and this has been designed to work as a matchmaking system for players who want to jump into the action as quickly as possible. Most Strike games last around 15 to 30 minutes, and are designed for three player squads.

    Finally, the last announced game mode is Faction Wars. This is some kind of multiplayer experience that allows players to challenge other factions. Details on this are quite slim at this point, and it's unclear whether this mode will actually offer PVP content, or whether it relies on a competitive scoring system.

    Once in-game, you'll be able to switch between the various game modes by using the Director, a special immersive system designed to work as a menu navigation tool.

    Destiny will be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 on September 9th.

  • New Destiny Gameplay Video Shared By Bungie

    destiny class gameplayBungie has just released a 7 minute long gameplay video of Destiny, showcasing real in-game footage of the title, and it's certainly got some gamers hyped.

    At first look, the similarities between Bungie's previous game series, Halo, and Destiny can be easily spotted. The overall experience that we've come to love was never a Halo experience, it was a Bungie experience.

    The new gameplay video is filled with the same cinematic backgrounds every Halo game has been renowned for, and the overall world design feels very reminiscent of various scenes from the Halo universe. Even the overall AI combat system in Destiny feels slightly similar to a firefight between a group of Elites and Grunts, and despite these similarities, Destiny has enough to spark curiosity among gamers.

    If you were to sum up Destiny in as small amount of words as possible, I think it would be best described as a Borderlands-Halo hybrid - the beauty of Bungie is still around every corner, but it's filled with progressive leveling, unlockable abilities and gear worth fighting for, making it a game focused on your own story, whilst lightly touching on the lore of the land as it is explored.

    It is of course a game that is centered around co-operative interactions, and whilst it is far from being an MMO, Destiny does offer an immersive world that you and your friends can explore together. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception Destiny gets upon it's launch later this year.

    You can check the gameplay video out here.

  • Destiny Footage Shows Three Classes in Action

    destiny gameplay videoLast week we mentioned that Destiny isn't too far away from being ready to ship out, and despite all of the waiting, it really isn't all that long before we'll all be able to get our hands on it. Bungie has always been one of my favorite games developers, so for me it's exciting to see where Destiny goes.

    Recently Bungie released three separate videos showing off all three classes in Destiny with in-game footage, and whilst each video only lasted about 20 seconds, they pretty clearly showed what kind of experience we can expect from the combat in Destiny.

    In Destiny, the three classes available are the Titan, the Warlock and the Hunter. Each class falls into a different role in co-op situations, and with most class based games, each class has their advantages and disadvantages.

    For example, the Titan is a tank-like class that has a hefty amount of health and armor, but as a trade-off, this character does not have as many damage dealing capabilities.

    On the other end of the spectrum, the Warlock is a weaker class with a wide range of abilities at their disposal. The Hunter is somewhat in between both the Titan and Warlock, and each class has been designed to physically represent their strengths and weaknesses through their overall body structure and posture.

    Destiny will be released for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on September 9th. If you'd like to watch the class videos, a YouTube channel has compiled all three videos here.

  • New Gears of War Game with "Bleeding Edge Rendering Techniques" Coming

    gears of war xbox oneBlack Tusk Studios, a new studio wholly backed by Microsoft have just put up a bunch of new job listings for a brand new Gears of War game, and from what we can gather from these job listings, Microsoft want to make sure the next Gears of War game is superbly epic.

    One job listing for a senior rendering engineer states that the role could help develop "bleeding edge new rendering techniques to deliver best in class visuals for a AAA console game," and another suggest that the role in question needs to help shape an "industry leading multiplayer experience."

    There has been a lot of talk recently about a possible new Gears of War title, and now that Microsoft have the rights to the franchise, it seems clear that they want it to be a title that Sony fans drool over.

    Titanfall is a great title that could lead to a very successful series of games, but it's likely to jump to multi-platform support by the time the second game has been developed. Halo has also been an iconic series for Microsoft, but many gamers feel that the title is losing it's charm, so a new Gears' game could be what Xbox really needs.

    So far it sounds very early in development though, so it could be a while before we actually see any true footage for the game, and then even longer still for an actual release date. Hopefully we'll hear more about it at this year's E3.

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