Nintendo Play Station Will Be Sold Next Year

A legendary piece of gaming history will be going on the auction block in February 2020, as the owners of the Nintendo Play Station are selling the device.

The device will go on sale via Heritage Auctions, who’ll sell it for owner Terry Diebold. Diebold used to work at a company that went bankrupt. During the company’s liquidation sale, Diebold bought a lot of property from the office, including some possessions of a former executive that also used to work at Sony. One of the items included in the lot was a Nintendo Play Station prototype, which was being worked on between the Japanese electronic giants.

The device is essentially a Super Nintendo with an attached CD drive, which was developed by Sony. The two groups were working together to enter the digital medium space to compete with the likes of Sega, whose Sega CD promised larger storage for games. Unfortunately for Sony, Nintendo bailed on them at the last minute, embarrassing the company, who decided to enter the video game market to spite Big N. Their console went on to become the original PlayStation (note the lack of space between the words), which sold more than 102 million consoles worldwide.

A minimum price for the device isn’t known at this time, but it’s expected that the prototype will fetch a high price. Diebold has said that he’s turned down offers in the range of a million dollars, so he’s banking on the device going for a hefty amount. We’re going to go out on a limb and guess he’s going to get more than a million for the console, what do you think?