advanced warfare multiplayerHow many times have we heard gamers complain about how the Call of Duty multiplayer experience is the same every single year? If you've played a Call of Duty game, you'll know what I'm talking about. But Sledgehammer games have been working on the next COD title for three years, and according to them, things in the Advanced Warfare multiplayer scene are about to be shaken up.

Advanced Warfare offers a whole new perspective for first person shooters - there are no boundaries for guns, equipment and perks anymore because the game has been set in the future. This gives Sledgehammer the ability to really play with their imagination, and I hope they manage to do it justice. Glen Schofield, co-founder of Sledgehammer seems pretty confident about the new Advanced Warfare multiplayer, "We'll have our own style. The exoskeletons are definitely in there and that's the core of the game."

Michael Condrey, another co-founder at Sledgehammer added to this conversation, too. "Our multiplayer has what I'm going to call the biggest set of new, cool gear that you've seen in a long time. It's a big step forward, from three years in development we've been able to innovate across the game. Just imagine what that's going to mean for multiplayer. You're going to find that new is what it's all about."

Despite people complaining about the lack of originality in the COD multiplayer offering, I think many players have come to love the comfortable experience the game introduces to players, and these apparent changes by Sledgehammer could make or break the series for good. Personally, I'm quite excited for the next Call of Duty game, and I haven't said that in a while.

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