counter strike e-league

Whilst Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a PC-only title, we have some news about the game that should be heard by eSports fans alike. Recently a new TV show started on TBS called E-League. Supported by the same guys who give Shaq airtime, the E-League is perhaps the biggest thing that has happened to Counter Strike eSports yet.

The new show has put some of the biggest teams in the Counter Strike scene onto live television for the first time in years. By doing so, new attention has been brought to the world of eSports and people are finally seeing how big the world of competitive gaming has become.

Whilst Turner has chosen Counter Strike as it's focus game on E-League, it's clear that they are working hard to make something out of the eSports scene and they truly believe that it has a space alongside traditional sports. Whatever eSports games you enjoy to watch or play, the
E-League is big news for your own community because it shows that there's still room for even more growth across the board. It might be a while before we see something like Street Fighter live on air, if at all, but it certainly gives us hope for the future.

Even if you don't play Counter Strike, you may want to tune into the E-League anyway - they're doing an exceptional job at showcasing the games and Counter Strike may be one of the most enjoyable eSports out there for anybody unfamiliar with competitive gaming or the ins and outs of the game itself.