Dead Island 2: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in a Vibrant Open World

You have come to the right place if you are waiting for the long-awaited zombie sequel. We are here to spill all the beans about Dead Island 2. The rumors of Dead Island 2 were in the air long ago.

The first Dead Island launched in 2011, leaving the fans in much misery while waiting for the sequel. Let’s look at the key factors of the hyped and upcoming game.

Released Date

Dead Island 2 has been cancelled and delayed a lot, but finally, we have it here. The release date of the game is April 21, 2023. It came a week earlier than the planned date.


When the trailer came out in the summer of 2022 at Gamescom, it got a lot of hype. The trailer seems to be super vibrant and has an atmospheric feel.

After the release of the first trailer, Deep Silver was pretty relaxed, and we saw another clip. It’s actual footage that is a bit longer than the previous one. It shows the weaponry the game has to offer, some of the characters, and various environments.


You know the game is not set on an island if you have seen the trailer. We all know that the previous game was set on an imaginative island in Australia named Banoi. This time the game is set in real-world Los Angeles, in the United States. Now this gives the whole game a completely different edge.

A different survivor would play the game. Some zombies might have beaten some game players but are likely not brutally infected. This is going to be the major plotline of the game.

Game play

The previous Dead Island was action-packed and pretty violent. The game was surrounded by a confused crowd in deadly combat with some gunplay. While in Dead Island 2, you will witness a lot of weaponry, from baseball bats to katanas and swords.

The best feature is that you can modify these weapons with the help of the crafting system to make them elemental weapons.

The game looks like an open-world game where you can roam around helping people. There weren’t any vehicles seen in the trailer, so it’s likely that you would be on your feet most of the time.

Bottom line

So far, it seems like a good game to play and keep you entertained. For now, it’s available for PlayStation 5, Play station 4, Xbox Series X/A, Xbox One, and PC. The best part about this game is that it’s played in the Real place, Los Angeles, so if you want to experience intense fighting while helping others, do play this game, as it’s a complete package featuring new weapons and swords.