fallout 4 1000 deathclaws

Fallout 4 is absolutely huge - it's definitely going to take a good hundred hours to squeeze all of it's worth out of it, at least for me, that is anyway. For others, perhaps a 1,000 hours would be enough. I say 1,000 hours because some players are already taking Fallout 4 to new extremes.

One YouTuber user and Fallout fan has managed to use the PC developer console to create an epic battle within Fallout 4. In the battle, which has been recorded and published to YouTube, 1,000 deathclaws are put up against 100 knights of the Brotherhood of Steel.

You may think the battle will be awfully one sided, but it's incredibly surprising how overpowered the Brotherhood of Steel knights actually are. I mean, we always knew they were overpowered, but could one knight really take out 10 deathclaws? Well, in the YouTube video you'll see that the end results are pretty close.

Some pretty hilarious things happen during the battle as well, including Deathclaws being thrown into the air. Like, really far into the air.

The creator of the YouTube video also put a bunch of other Fallout 4 species into an arena, including Myrelurks, Deathclaws and many mutants. Once again, the Brotherhood of Steel are the most powerful of the bunch but the battle is pretty even all the way through, as well as incredibly hectic.