gta 5 cash glitchA new Grand Theft Auto 5 patch has been released, and it has what might just be the biggest glitch of all-time. Whilst early on in the release of GTA Online, the game was filled with hackers, money was a pretty abundant thing.

Many hackers would infinitely increase their payroll, go into servers and just payout cash to other players in the lobby. This ended up with thousands of players owning the best houses, cars and weapons within a few days.

Fortunately, Rockstar solved this issue, and largely removed everybody's excess cash from their in-game bank accounts, but it looks like we may see another influx of highly valuable items because patch 1.22 has an interesting flaw in it that allows players to receive infinite amounts of money.

To pull off this glitch, you will need two players. One player will need to head to the tuner shop and mod up a car to be as expensive as possible. Once the car has been modded, players can then leave the garage.

Now that your car is modded, put your friend in the passenger seat, and sit yourself in the driver seat. Drive to your garage.

Disconnect your console from the internet by either turning off your Wi-Fi or by removing your ethernet cable. Drive your car into the garage to save it, and then reconnect your cable or turn your Wi-Fi back on - now join your friend's lobby, and the car will still be there - you can then repeat the garage process, and each time you do this a new duplicate will appear in your garage whilst the car outside stays in the same position.