Halo 5 Forge

Since the release date of Forge in December, Halo 5 players have been kept busy. All sorts of great Forge maps and custom game modes have been created since the release date of Forge but that has been one issue that many players have already come across.

Previously there was a limit on the number of files each player could upload to the Halo 5 servers. Whilst there still is a limit, it has now been increased so that players have a much larger amount of space to be creative with. Previously save files for custom game modes and Forge maps was set for just 40 slots, but players are now given 100 slots in total.

Forge mode has been an incredibly important part of the Halo franchise ever since Halo 3. A large part of the Halo community has grown around custom games and Forge maps and since Halo Reach, well-built custom Forge maps have even made it into the official matchmaking map rota. The same could happen for Halo 5, but there is still one missing feature.

A file share system is still needed in Halo 5 so that players can upload and share their files easily with the community. Fortunately 343 Industries are working on a file share and it will be added to Halo in the future.

In the meantime, players have to resort to third party services to share Forge maps. Once a file share is in place, the Halo Forge community can finally flourish again.