halo 5 dlc december

Halo 5: Guardians has already had one of it's new free DLC packs released but 343 Industries now has more content in store for the game. In December, 343 Industries will release another free DLC pack with extra content.

In the new December DLC for Halo 5, players will have the chance to unlock new armor, new weapon types for Warzone, new weapon skins and of course the new Forge mode.

When Halo 5: Guardians was released, players were not given access to Forge mode because 343 Industries still had some tweaks to make to it. In December the covers will be unveiled and the new Forge mode will finally be available to players. It looks as if players will get access to a Forge world they will feel familiar with but there may also be a space themed Forge map too.

If you have played Halo 5 you will know that the rocket launcher's appearance has been completely redesigned. Fortunately players will have the chance to use the old school rocket launcher after the December update has launched. There are rumors that the Halo Combat Evolved Pistol may be released as a REQ card for use in Warzone.

There's definitely a lot to get excited about for December and most importantly all of the new content will be released for free.

343 Industries hasn't released details about all of the content that will be in the December update yet so there could be plenty of currently unannounced features planned for December as well.