dying light dlc expansion

We've mentioned in previous articles that Dying Light was set to receive a free DLC expansion and we finally have more details about the exact release date of the upcoming content. For those unaware, Dying Light will be getting a special edition release in February and it will include the base game and all released DLC since the launch of Dying Light. The special edition release will also include the upcoming DLC expansion for free, however all existing owners of the original Dying Light will also be given the DLC expansion for free.

So when will the new Dying Light DLC be launched? Techland has revealed that the new content will be available in North America, South America and some parts of Europe on February 9. Other regions will have to wait a little longer.

The exact wait time will depend on your region. For example, the UK will receive the new Dying Light expansion for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 12, although the PC version will also be available on February 9. Japan will have to wait the longest as the expansion release date for Japan is April 21.

The new expansion opens up new territory in the Dying Light open world and also adds a buggy vehicle that can make traversing the world a lot easier. The buggy can also be used to mow down zombies, which will definitely be a lot of fun. The new Nightmare game difficulty level will also be added with the upcoming DLC.