Next-Gen Console Games You Should Look Forward to

While developers continue to take advantage of the high processing power of new consoles, the next-gen is going through a strange phase. After all, many games are on hold since the start of COVID-19. But as the release of next-gen games draws near, the market attraction has started to increase.

As of early 2022, the next-gen games are about to take off and gamers couldn’t be more excited.

Let’s look at some of the most anticipated next-gen console games in the next few years:

v  STALKER 2 ­­– Heart of Chernobyl

STALKER won’t come out on previous consoles and will have a new iteration on April 28, 2022. Market speculation suggests that the game will be available on Series S and X. However, cross-generation release for STALKER 2 might prove to be challenging for Microsoft. Still, the roadmap of the game hints at an ambitious next-gen game that fans will love and appreciate.

v  Everwild

There is not much information available on the forthcoming game. The inside story suggests that the development process for Everwild has been slow and gamers won’t be able to play the game until 2024. But shrouded secrecy behind the project continues to make Everwild one of the most anticipated next-next games.

v  Redfall

In 2022, Microsoft is allowing PlayStation to release all major Bethesda-based exclusive games. Redfall is a vampire video game that gained high market anticipation after the release of its first footage at Microsoft’s E3 event in 2021. The game will be available on Xbox Series S and X.

v  Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo

Bethesda is responsible for releasing Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo. Although Bethesda has $7.5 billion in funds from Microsoft, it will separately release both games for the PS5 console. Death loop is a stylized and artful time loop shooter game. On the flip side, Ghostwire Tokyo is a supernatural adventure and horror game from Tongo Gameworks.

v  Fable and Dead Space

The next version of Fable won’t be able on previous consoles and will have an exclusive release on Xbox S and X. The return of the RPG slash fantasy game is highly anticipated and will drop in late 2022. But unlike Fable, there is little to no information available on the release of Dead Space.

The remake is ultimately a redux of visceral horror game that will release on PC, Xbox X/S. and PS5. Developers of the game hint that it will give players chills and nightmares. In fact, you can expect more than just old-school Necromorphs and expect something truly scary and a big step up in graphics.

Sum Up

As the release dates for next-gen games get closer, the players of Xbox One and PS4 will have to move on to new consoles. The good news is that more than a dozen triple-A planned games are on the horizon in 2022.

While many of the next-gen games will also be released on PC, the best way to test their technical capacity is through cutting-edge new consoles. In hindsight, if you’re a console owner of the new PS5 or Xbox Series X, the market is about to hit its peak with next-gen video games.